A Blind Dog That Just Got His Sight Back Sees His Family For The First Time. The Reaction Is Amazing.


Duffy, an adorable Irish terrier, comes bursting into the room.

First, he heads straight towards his human mother, before making his rounds to each and every family member around the veterinary room.

Duffy’s excitement is uncapped. In fact he can’t even stop squealing as he goes around, greeting everyone individually over and over.

Sure, he’s a dog, but Duffy is not usually this excited.

Today is different; it’s the first day Duffy is able to see his family after losing his eyesight.

The video of Duffy’s first reactions after regaining his eyesight went viral when one of his owners, Benjamin May, posted it online.

You wouldn’t know it judging by his excitement in the video, but life hasn’t always been easy for Duffy.

According to his owners, there have been many struggles with the dog’s health, which eventually led to his development of diabetes. Signs of the disease first surfaced when Duffy began peeing throughout the house, something that wasn’t normal behavior for him. When Duffy’s family took him to the vets, their fears were solidified; Duffy’s blood sugars were out of control.

Despite his struggles, Duffy has been lucky more than a few times throughout his 8 years of life. Once a rescue dog, he was fortunate enough to be adopted into the loving May family. Duffy got lucky again upon meeting Dr. Kevin Kumrow, a veterinarian with a few tricks up his sleeve. Yet the struggles were not over, Duffy had also lost his vision due to diabetes. According to Benjamin May, “Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8 year old dog to a dog who was completely blind.”Duffy1

With the right treatment plan, the May family was told there was hope to get Duffy’s diabetes under control, and maybe even restore Duffy’s vision. And when it comes to Duffy, there’s no such thing as giving up in the May household. So the family worked tirelessly monitoring Duffy’s blood sugars and administering the appropriate medications, all the while hoping it would work.

Then, the day everyone had been holding out for arrived, Duffy’s diabetes was finally under control! Even better, Duffy got the okay to undergo corrective eye surgery. Was it all too good to be true? Could Duffy really have his vision restored, and without any further complications?

The eye surgery sounded like the perfect solution but there were plenty of risks to consider. For starters, Duffy’s history of health problems made him more prone to complications during surgery. The May’s decided to take the risk and hopefully give Duffy back the gift of sight.Duffy2

Duffy underwent surgery at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Dr. Brady Beale operated on the dog while his family sat by with fingers crossed and hearts pounding. To the May’s delight, all went well during surgery, they only had to wait and see how Duffy would react to regaining his vision.

Still wearing his cone from surgery, Duffy came gallivanting into the room where his family anxiously waited. With his bandages from surgery removed, it was finally time for Duffy to see everyone. Benjamin May decided to film Duffy’s first reactions, and good thing he did. The video conveys so many emotions, as Duffy squeals, wags his tail and cuddles up close to his overjoyed family. The video might make you cry, or at least bring an uncontrollable smile to your lips, simply because you can feel how excited Duffy and his family really are.

In an update with the Huffington Post, Benjamin May reports that Duffy still gets 2 insulin shots a day to keep his diabetes at bay, but that his eye surgery has been a complete success and there are no new health problems to report. Yay Duffy!Duffy3