Bizarre Bikes That You Can Actually Ride

shoe bike

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Why settle for a bike that just about everyone else is riding too? Fantastical rides on bizarre bikes like you might see in a Dr. Seuss book are sure to make the world that much brighter, such as the bicycle pictured above. The wheels were substituted with shoes to resemble a famous image from one of the late famous author’s beloved books. Don’t believe you can really ride it? Well, it may not be fast, but it’s certainly an attention grabber. Watch here:

Toilet Bike

toilet bike

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Hopefully this toilet isn’t being used as intended, but if you really want to attracts lots of attention, this extraordinary bike is sure to do the trick. But… wait… believe it or not, there is actually a toilet bike that’s intended to run on your waste, encouraging riders to “poop as they go,” although it’s actually a motorbike. The Toilet Bike Neo by Japan’s biggest toilet manufacturer, TOTO, is pictured below.


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Limo Bike

Longest Bicyle In Indonesia

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You might not want to try to pop a wheelie on one of the world’s longest bikes, a 44-foot bicycle created by Indonesian villagers out of rusting iron pipe.

Square Bike

bed frame bike

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It’s pretty amazing what you can do with an old bunk bed frame!



Photo Credit: Flickr: Dot Dream

Why walk if you can ride and mow at the same time? This is sure to make your lawn mowing more fun and less time consuming too.