Wiener Dogs Take The Bone For Best Minion Costumes Ever!

weiner dog minions

Crusoe the celebrity dachshund wins the award for best minion costume ever in his latest YouTube hit sensation. Crusoe has taken the world by ‘aw’ many times, and his newest video featuring him dressed as a Minion just might be among the cutest things he’s done to date.

Crusoe originally became famous after his win for “best trick” at an annual wiener dog event. Ever since then this 5-year-old dachshund has continued to steal hearts of dog-lovers everywhere. A book featuring Crusoe’s many adorable adventures will be published on Amazon this fall under the title Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire. You can pre-order the new title early and be one of the first to witness the pawsome picture book.

One reason these are the best minion costumes ever is because of the arms that flail around up above as the dogs run around, making them look just as crazy as a couple of minions!

Since the photos and video went viral people all over the world have been questioning where they can get their hands on the costume. Unfortunately, no store sells the best Minion costume for dogs. Canada-based owners Ryan and Lauren Beauchesne hand made the wiener dog costumes for Crusoe and his half brother Oakley.

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11215150_985869494834879_8836237525408294097_nAs if the pictures aren’t cute enough wait until you see the video!

Pre-order Crusoe’s upcoming book here!

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