30 Of The Best 3D Pencil Drawings


Pop out art has always captivated me; I still struggle to draw a 2D box, yet somehow these artists have no problems creating masterpieces that literally come to life on the page. Skilled 2D and 3D artists know just what to do in order to create incredible creations that look too real to be a drawing or painting.

These artists are not only relying on their natural in-born talents, but they also put in hard work and practice further developing their skill. The results are truly amazing. Check out these 3D pencil drawings, and you’ll truly start to scratch your head and wonder–is it a drawing, or is it real?!



There are a number of noteworthy artists known for their 3D creations, such as Ramon Bruin. Bruin is a 31-year old artist from the Netherlands, he uses everyday pencils paired with anamorphic techniques to turn paintings into pop art.

The props that he draws look so real, a photograph of his work could easily be mistaken for the real deal. Bruin uses oil, water paint, graphite, pencils, paint pens and charcoal to craft his fine works of art.



Alessandro Diddi is yet another popular 3D artist. He uses real props, his own hands, and a very talented gift for drawing to create his pieces. The snake drawing pictured above is one of Diddi’s many works, the way that he has drawn the snake head makes it appear to be floating off and over the edge of the paper.

The artist says of great artwork that it is not, “…necessary to consume a large amount of resources to achieve something interesting. All you need is a pencil and something to draw on, and you can create something really magical.”

The goal Diddi focuses on is to create images that trick people into think something is there when really it is not. Bending dimensions and the rules of reality fuel Diddi to create some stunning works of art that literally come right up off of the page.



When Fredo was only 16-years-old his work was good enough to be submitted to Deviant Art. Today, Fredo is 20-years-old and still creating the same eye-popping collection of drawings. The artist goes by Fredo, but his birth name is Wladimir Inostroza.

Fredo admits that some of his work only takes 30 minutes to create, while other projects span weeks, or even an entire month to bring to finalization. Fredo uses a combination of real-life objects and a talent for drawing to bring his 2-demensional art to life.

Interestingly, Fredo thanks music artists like Tool, Explosions, and Sigur Ros for helping inspire his creative juices.


Fredo’s artwork is so diverse, the image below as well as the image above are both a product of his creation. The one above focuses on an elephant literally breaking out of the paper, while the one below features a big-headed nude baby playing a smoke-fueled saxophone. That’s the beauty of a true artist, their work is so unpredictable.





These glasses really freak me out, they just have to be real!


This 2D drawing really puts the comic books to shame–look at that detail!


Ah! Real monsters!


This elegant bird and fallen feathers are another piece from Ramon Bruin’s collection. I especially love how the smallest feather on the far right appears to be floating down, not yet landed on the page.


Surfs up in this notebook!


Are the pencils real or are they drawn in?



A great way to trick someone into thinking you spilled wine on their couch next April Fools Day!


It’s all fun and games until a scary drawing breaks loose…


Photo Credits: Julia Barinova, Muhammad Ejleh, Ramon Bruin, Alessandro Diddi,Fredo, Vamos Art, Carmenharada, Iza-nagi, Nagai Hideyuki, Gray Hood