After Benji The Baby Goat Was Rejected By His Mom He Became Best Friends With A Human


In the animal kingdom mothers often have to make tough decisions regarding their newborn babies. This cute little pygmy goat was born as a twin, but since his mom couldn’t support two goats she was forced to reject one in hopes of raising one strong goat instead of two weak goats.

The goats were born at Pot House Hamlet, located in the UK. A lucky location considering the owner of the nursery, Tom Horsfield, was happy to take in the abandoned pygmy goat and raise him at his own home. The goat, who is now named Benjamin, Benji for short, is very found of Tom, and follows him everywhere he goes. Meet the adorable goat that is taking the world by bleat, and be prepared to fall in love!


News of baby Benji has spread near and far, causing flocks of people to come to the nursery in South Yorkshire for a chance to meet the adorable goat that wouldn’t even be here without Tom’s kindness and willingness to raise him as his own.

Benji goes everywhere with Tom, even to work each morning at the Pot House Hamlet in Barnsley, U.K. And while your dog might require a leash to keep up with you, Benji the goat doesn’t need any sort of force or assistance to follow after his favorite man on the planet, a man he thinks is his mommy.


While Tom Works, Benji loves to snack on all of the delectable flowers at the nursery.


Benji prances everywhere he goes, causing him to tire out often. And seriously, how cute does he look when he sleeps?!


Benji is a hungry little guy who requires feeding straight from the bottle 5-6 times each day. Benji starts getting noisy for some food around 4 am, but Tom seems happy to wake up and tend to his baby goat’s needs.


As Benji continues to follow Tom all around town, he continues to make countless new friends who can’t help but adore his adorable spirit and little prancing body. Tom says that Benji can be quite a show-off, loves meeting and interacting with new people, and just might take a nibble at your shoes if he has the chance.

No matter how much Benji nibbles at nearly everything in sight, the customers at Pot House adore him dearly, and love to see him running about the place with his sweet personality and funny habits.


Benji isn’t just a sensation in his town; he has become a celebrity of sorts all around the world, now adored by millions of fans. Even though he’s a famous goat, he still isn’t potty trained and is known to poop on set when he goes for live TV interviews.

In these photos Benji is only 5-weeks-old, but in as little as 6-months he could already be the size of a Labrador. When he is full-grown he will be around 77-pounds. If all goes well Benji could live to be 20-years old. Tom plans to care for and feed Benji until he is old and strong enough to be let out into the countryside where he will be able to graze independently.


Benji loves all of the attention, so much so it’s unsure if he will actually want to live independently when he is old enough. Chances are, Tom may never be able to shake off his new friend, no matter how old he gets to be.


If you want to meet Benji you better come visit soon, within as little as 2-months Tom plans to start letting Benji out into the open fields with the other goats.


Watch the video below featuring Benji, the cutest little Pygmy goat being raised by a kind human with a big heart for animals.

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Photo Credits:, Huffington Post, Youtube