10 Pawsome Benefits Of Having Cats


Cats are cool and they know it, hence the whole ‘cattitude’. Regardless, cats have every reason to be self-obsessed because they make our lives so much better.

Cats are actually a lot less work than dogs, you don’t have to have a big yard or go home in the middle of your workday to let them outside. Cats are independent but they are also full of cuddles. Whenever you do return home they will be all up on you ready to snuggle… well, maybe.

The benefits of having cats are endless. Thanks to the artist and stationary creator Lingvistov we have these awesome illustrations to highlight all of the reasons we love cats.

caten-0011__880Cats Teach You How To Be A Rebel

caten-005__880A Cat Will Never Let You Take Your Home Decor Too Seriously

caten-004__880Cats Teach You How To Accept The Very Worst Gifts

caten-009__880Cats Teach You Not To Overeat… Or.. Else…

caten-008__880Cats Help You Learn How To Accept Rejection

caten-010__880There’s No Such Thing As ‘Oversleeping’ When You Own A Cat

caten-002__880A Cat Will Never Let You Work Too Hard

caten-007__880A Cat Will Teach You To Stop And Watch The Birds

caten-006__880Never Overpay For A Cruel Fur Coat Again

caten-003__880But Most Importantly…

caten-011-a__880Lingvistov creates a host of awesome greeting cards and other stationary accessories. They also have a pretty funny blog full of cat content. Make sure and check out the official Lingvistov website!

Photo Credits: shop.lingvistov.com

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