Incredible Carved Wood Beetle Cabinet By Latvian Artist


If you have a nice wood cabinet at home it might seem unique to you but chances are if you look around hard enough you will find plenty others that look very similar, or are even exactly the same.

If you want a truly unique wood cabinet you need this incredibly carved wood beetle cabinet by talented Latvian artist Janis Straupe. If you have this beetle cabinet in your house you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone with anything even remotely similar. The same goes for most of Straupe’s truly innovative furniture designs.

This alder wood cabinet can’t be classified as any particular style or assigned to any art decade, instead it is all its own. The impressive beetle cabinet was crafted back in 2005. It took a solid three months for the final product to come around. Considering how many awesome qualities this cabinet has it’s surprising it didn’t take longer.

Not only is the exterior design jaw dropping, but also the cabinet itself is loaded with nifty storage perks. Inside there are 11 spacious drawers, a wine wrack, stationary storage, a place to file your paperwork, and even two discreet sections where you can put your top secret supplies… like your beetle juice.

The-Beetle-by-Janis-Straupe__880Just look at the detailing on this cabinet, from the hardware to the perfectly carved lines, to the plentiful storage spaces.

The-Beetle-by-Janis-Straupe2__880The-Beetle-by-Janis-Straupe4__880The-Beetle-by-Janis-Straupe3__880Check out Janis Straupe’s website to see more of her amazing furniture and other artworks.

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