Take A Peek Inside The World’s Most Beautiful Library In Prague, Czech Republic


The Klementinum Library is easily the most beautiful library in the entire world. Originally opened in 1722, the library was a part of the Jesuit University. Today, it serves as a fine example of Baroque architecture. The opulent décor leaves no detail untouched, from the floors to the walls to the ceiling everything is beyond beautiful.

The main library, officially known as the National Library of the Czech Republic, is located inside a larger collection of historic buildings known collectively as Klementiunum (Clementinum in English).

The best part perhaps is that this historic library houses thousands upon thousands of books in its collection. In 1781, director Karel Rafael Ungar established Biblioteca Nationalis, which is a collection of literature written in Czech. This collection includes some incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind historical books, many of which have been provided to Google for scanning and will be available via Google Books at some point.

The beautiful library made an appearance in one of Jorge Luis Borges famous Spanish novels, and was once the world’s third largest Jesuit College. Starting in 1775, local weather has been collected at the stunning location. Despite its impact on history as well as its grandeur form, the Klementinum  library remains a largely hidden treasure. If you are ever in Prague it is certainly worth visiting.

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Jan Hiebl painted the stunning ceiling murals.

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