Beautiful Fairytale Porcelain Creatures Created By Ukrainian Artist Duo


Meet Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev, two Ukrainian artists that have paired up to create beautiful fairytale porcelain creatures that delight the imaginations of both the young and old. The tiny mystical creatures made of porcelain are highly detailed and brilliantly colored; despite their tiny size each figurine shares a whole layer of stories within a uniquely flawless design.

The average creature only measures between 4 and 40 centimeters, making the task of molding and painting each figurine that much more complex. Surprisingly, neither Anya nor Slava have any previous training with ceramics. The team is one part graphic artist and the other part painting teacher, yet together they have created some of the neatest ceramic artwork.

Despite how amazing their beautiful fairytale porcelain creatures are, the artistic duo is very humble about their work. In their opinion it is nothing all that remarkable considering they are not trained ceramicists. Still, many people argue otherwise, take a look for yourself and weigh in!


There are truly no forgotten details, from the gold spikes to the smooth ceramic legs of the creature above, every last inch of the artwork is perfect. It’s not just a cute little creature either; the pair creates a personality to their designs, which is a talent all on its own.


Considering neither artist was trained to use ceramics many wonder how they came to use this material. The Ukrainian artists admit the decision was purely financial, as well as convenient, as the pair finds ceramics easy to work with for their purpose.

I love the gold toes they paint on most of the creatures, such a great detail!


Owl love you forever!


These make for the perfect gift to give someone, as most people have never seen anything like these porcelain creatures before. Plus, they are small enough to adorn any bookshelf, wall space, or countertop with their majestic beauty.


It’s not hard to find porcelain ceramic figurines, both big and small. But it is hard to find small figurines with this sort of attention to detail, and vast symbolism. Just look how the owl’s talons lift up off of the earth evoking the sense it is about to fly off into the distance.


Thanks to the flawless detailing and incredible diversity of these porcelain figurines, you can easily tell that each creature is made by hand, one at a time.


The start of something beautiful, here is a look at an unfinished sculpture before the brilliant paints fill in the lines with splashes of color. You can see the thin brush going to work as the creation come to life.


The little porcelain guy below has sharp spikes along his back, and what appears to be a friendly monster painted on his side-belly–so weirdly cute!


The duo’s artwork is wide open to interpretation, allowing everyone to find their own symbolic meaning behind the detailed paintings and uniquely shaped creatures. For instance, the creature below may remind some of the evil eye symbol, while others find vastly different reasons to love the little red creature with eyes outlined in gold.


Many of the pair’s designs look like animals we know and love, such as frogs, fish, and rabbits, but nothing is plain and simple. Every animal is given mystical qualities so that they are not just animal figurines, but porcelain creatures that appear to be from faraway fairytale lands.




There has been a lot of demand for these awesome works of art. In a recent Facebook post, the pair explained they don’t have a catalogue with prices due to the individualized creation of each figurine. Sculptures are typically ordered individually, and can be shipped to any country, free of shipping charges.


Photo Credits:, Facebook