Bear Hangs Out in Vancouver BC Couple’s Hot Tub

bear hot tub

Photo Credit: Facebook/CTV Vancouver via NewsMax

A bear hanging out in a hot tub? It might sound like fiction, but a full-grown black bear surprised a North Vancouver, British Columbia couple when they caught in relaxing in the warm waters.

The bear splashed down in their pool as well a the hot tub – and fortunately it was captured on video for us to see.

Homeowner Tony Diering told CTV News, “It’s just amazing. You see funny things on YouTube, but to have it happening in your own backyard.”

Diering captured the footage on Monday after it had knocked down a section of his wooden fence and invited itself in.

Even in this region of the world which is home to quite a few bears, direct encounters are rare. Diering said he suspected that it was the same bear that recently helped itself to his bird feeder without asking, telling the news site, “About a month ago, the bear came and he was helping himself to the bird seed.”

He included the bird feeder footage in his latest YouTube upload of the bear in the hot tub. The whole little excursion lasted about 15 minutes before the bear lost interest, he said.

While it was exciting, the couple isn’t so sure that they want the bear to visit again.

“In the neighborhood there are a lot of small kids and obviously it’s a safety concern for our neighbors,” he Diering said. “I hope that he’ll just go eat some berries in the mountains instead.”