Baby Seal Rescued After Cows Find Her Stranded in a Mud Puddle

seal cows mud


Ian Ellis, a birdwatcher, was enjoying his morning at a bird sanctuary in England when he spotted something strange through his telescope. He couldn’t help but notice a herd of 30 curious cows staring down and gently nudging at something that looked like it just didn’t belong.

As it turned out, that something was a five-day-old seal pup staring straight into his lens. The pup had apparently gotten separated from her mother and got lost in a creek near The Wash in Lincolnshire. It’s believed the baby was trying to orientate herself when she got stuck in the muddy puddle, right in the middle of a bunch of giant cows.

close up seal pup

Seeing a seal isn’t all that uncommon as there are typically seals on the edge of the marsh, Ellis said, but it was “the way the cows were so inquisitive that made him look,” he said, according to the Express in England.

The cows were curious and pushing her around a little, but they were not hurting her, he added.


The 67-year-old contacted the Natureland Seal Sanctuary who informed him to pick her up and bring the baby in. The seal was underfed and dehydrated but is now in good health and has been named “Celebration” to mark the agency’s 50th anniversary.

The adorable animal baby is now said to be eating a diet full of high fat herrings and when she reaches 60 pounds will be released back to the wild.

seal pup