Baby Sea Lion Wanders Into New Zealand Home to Say Hello


Photo Credit: You Tube

In Clare Christian’s home in New Zealand, there’s no such thing as an unwelcome visitor – at least when it comes to sea lions. When this baby sea lion decided to pop into her house unannounced and have a look around, Clare decided to film the incident for the world to see. You can watch it here:

While the homeowner is delighted at the adorable surprise, the sea lion looks a bit perplexed to find itself in a human house. “Well look at you,” you can hear Clare say in the video. “Come on in, make yourself at home,” she adds.

The sea lion proceeds to shuffle around a bit, likely wondering what in the world he’s gotten himself into. After taking in the scene, Clare writes in the video description that the super cute animal “had a cruise around the lounge, sat by the fire, then wandered off.”

While it was certainly quite the surprise, it’s not the first time a curious sea lion pup has decided to check out the human experience. Just last month, a San Diego sailor discovered a stowaway on his boat: A sea lion pup who decided to crash in a bunk, waking the owner with his snoring.

Michael Duffy said he was on his 41-foot Kettenburg boat “Elixir” at the San Diego Yacht Club when he awoke about 2:30 a.m. to sneezing and snoring. He thought it might be a friend, crashing from a night out, but couldn’t find anyone. Once it got light a few hours later, however, he heard it again.

That’s when Duffy saw a 35-pound sea lion pup on another bunk, curled up like a dog on top of his board shorts. Fortunately, though groggy, he still managed to capture the incident on his cell phone.