This Baby Loves Books So Much He Cries At The End Of Every Story


This baby loves books so much he will cry if you even try to read the ending. Every parent wants their child to grow up with a love of literature, after all kids that love books grow up into well-educated adults that love books. No matter how hard you try, not all kids are going to love reading as much as this adorable baby.

Some kids are just born with a love of literature, such as this 10-month-old baby named Emmett. His parents, Dan and Alicia Stevers, couldn’t believe it at first, but every time they read the end of a story little Emmett always breaks out into tears.

There are many books that make us cry throughout the last few pages, but Emmett doesn’t care if the ending is happy, sad or funny, he just doesn’t want the book to be over. No matter how hard he cries, as long as you pick the book back up and start reading again he is as happy-go-lucky as can be… until you read the ending again.

Emmett’s baby t-shirt couldn’t be more perfect for him when it comes time to read… “The Snuggle Is Real.”

Watch the video below to see just how much Emmitt loves books:

Photo/Video Credits: Youtube

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