18 Adorable Pics Of Photographers’ Babies Sleeping In Their Camera Bags


When your mom or dad is a photographer for a living life around cameras starts off at a pretty early age. The Photographers’ babies on this list have already found comfort in their parents’ padded camera bags. In fact, it’s now become somewhat of a growing trend for photographers to take photos of their babies sleeping beside their other precious cargo… their photo equipment!

If you’ve never had a high quality camera bag this trend might seem strange, but these camera compartments are surprisingly soft and cozy and can actually make a nice makeshift crib while a photographer grabs a few quick photos. Of course, you never want to leave your baby unsupervised inside of one, but that goes without saying.

Make your day by checking out these adorable pics of photographers’ babies sleeping inside of photographer bags.

1. Peace & Pictures!

carmen_visser_photography_south_africa_001__700Photo Credit: Carmen Visser

2. Nikon’s Biggest Little Fan

At Peace With NikonPhoto Credit: Nathaniel Smalley

3. Now That Looks Cozy…

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-6__700Photo Credit: Stacey Raven

4. I Don’t Know About This You Guys…

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-8__700Photo Credit: Ning Wong

5. A Little Bit Big But Still Making It Work…

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-12__700Photo Credit: Alessandro Della Bella

6. Precious Cargo!

jasmim-postal_copyright_hugo_lima-001__700Photo Credit: Hugo Lima

7. This Is Fun…

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-13__700Photo Credit: Tom Pennington

8. Future Award Winning Photographer Right Here

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-9__700Photo Credit: Makeen Osman

9. Gah!!! She Looks Like A Caterpillar All Wrapped Up In Her Cocoon

129__700Photo Credit: Makeen Osman Photography

10. This Baby Has The Perfect Shirt To Rock The Part

Photo Credit: Extra Medium

11. Ready For My Close Up… But First, A Nap

image74__700Photo Credit: Ida Ask

12. Dreaming Of Future Photography Adventures

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-5__700Photo Credit: villas@rt

13. Putting Your Dog In Your Bag Is So Yesterday… Now It’s All About Babies In Bags!

image67__700Photo Credit: Peter Brown

14. All Access Pass

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-2__700Photo Credit: Drake Busch

15. Yellow Bag Of Dreams

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-1__700Photo Credit: Cubrix Photography

16. Nothing Else Would Fit Quite As Perfectly

baby-camera-bag-newborn-photography-4__700Photo Credit: Alessandro Della Bella

17. Smiles For Miles

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-10.23.50-1__700Photo Credit: Nemanja Stojanović

18. Enough Sleeping Already… I’m Ready To Take Some Pictures!

bubba_1-3__700Photo Credit: Alex Marks

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