Awesome Feeder Turns Hungry Squirrels Into Doctor Who’s Deadly Enemy


Meet Cyber Squirrel, the cutest enemy ever created by one talented Sci-Fi fan. Emma Young is a big Doctor Who fan with a great imagination. She found a way to turn the cute squirrels that visit her property into the Time Lord’s nemesis, the Cyberman. Now, when the squirrels come by to enjoy a feast from Emma’s feeder, they simultaneously give her a good show, and giggle.

Photo Credits:Chris Balcombe

Emma created the hilariously adorable feeder using an old shower radio, which she fills with tasty nuts to bait the squirrels. Emma was very excited to see what would happen when she originally set up the feeder, she sat by waiting with camera in hand. The results are too cute to handle, check them out here– and be afraid, be furry afraid! 


Emma says of her creation, “My whole family loves Doctor Who so I decided to create a sci-fi feeder. I packed a sticky mix of nuts and peanut butter into the head. It was hilarious to see. Well worth all the time and effort.”

Emma took her time taking apart an old novelty radio and carefully padded all of the edges with felt. She then filled it up with a delicious mixture of peanuts and peanut butter, and hoped the local squirrels would say, Bon Appetite! 

squirrel feeder

Emma hung the feeder at the perfect height in her garden located in Beaulieu, Hampshire. Despite Emma’s previous experience creating equally awesome squirrel feeders, there were moments of doubt. The squirrels were hesitant and cautious over the odd feeder design at first, but the scent of the lovely nutty mixture Emma put together proved too much to withstand.

The squirrels made a calculated decision to take the risk and dig in, head first! The tempting treats stored inside the Cyberman head trumped all fears, granting Emma the results she was looking for: adorable photos, and happy well-fed squirrels.


Did you know squirrels are able to leap over 10 times their body height? They can also turn their ankles to face any direction when climbing. Pair these skills with great eyesight, and the ability to mimic other animals and humans, and squirrels are pretty much unstoppable.

Even squirrels that do not hibernate store food in their dens. This is because, just like you and I, squirrels like to have options when it comes to dinnertime. Squirrels store a wide variety of nuts underground, which helps promote tree growth. In fact, squirrels are regarded for their importance in spreading oak trees across America.


If a squirrel is running low on nuts they have a backup plan for food. Squirrels can literally manufacture their own maple syrup. They use their teeth to score the maple’s bark until the sap leaks from the tree, they leave and then return later after the sap has dried up to lick it.

This habit was first recorded by science this century, although an old traditional tale from the Iroquois people explains that maple syrup was first discovered because a young boy witnessed a squirrel licking a tree.


Emma spends hours creating these one-of-a-kind squirrel feeders, and the results prove worthy of her dedication. In fact, I want one for my backyard–talk about entertainment on demand! The forty-year-old mother of two has a great time watching the squirrels in action, and I’m sure her kids love it too.

Emma has created a lot of cool squirrel feeders over the years, including the ones you see here. Below are different Dr. Who feeders from previous years.



Watch a video of one adorable squirrel using the feeder, get ready to laugh with delight.

This squirrel was caught trying to steal carved pumpkins from a photographer’s front yard. The photos are HILARIOUS!