Autumn Flowers That’ll Make You Feel Warm Inside.


We all know autumn is the time of the year where is begins to feel cold, so why not get some flowers to make you feel warm. Usually when we think of flowers we think of spring with Roses, Daisy’s, sunflowers and cherry blossoms. But what about those flowers that were made for autumn. Maybe these are flowers can help you brighten up someone’s day, or help you design a beautiful autumn wedding. None the less they are beautiful delicate Flowers that are certain to put a smile on your face, unless you have allergies.

1. Dahlias

flower 1Dahlias come in many different colours, and with colours ranging from purple to yellow. So this mean guys there is no reason you can’t give that special lady her favourite colour. They stand around 3 to 5 ft tall and blossom around 3 to 7 inches. There are 42 species of dahlia, with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants. That is great news cause then you can’t get bored of seeing the same type of Dahlias, long story short you can’t go wrong sending someone one a dozen Dahlias.

2. Camellia

flower 2

Camellia is probably the most interesting flower in my opinion. Its not because it is the state flower of Alabama, or that Sacramento, California is nicknamed the Camellia City. The Camellia has quite a bit of uses for it, the leaves are used to make tea and oils. Giving it the name tea flower which only makes sense. Imagine sipping tea on a cold night next to the fire place, and having a flower vase filled with Camellia flowers.

3. Hibiscusred_stain___hibiscus_by_kisaragichiyo-d5a4zg8

 Hibiscus growing up in Hawaii I have see a lot of hibiscus in girls hair. The vibrant colours, and the big blossom that the hibiscus has, makes it one of the worlds most beautiful flower. They are native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. In other words its hard to go somewhere and not see a bush with hibiscus growing off it. And great news for you tea drinkers, you can make tea out of it.

4. David Austin rose


David Austin rose are really breathtaking flowers for autumn. So maybe you like the traditional roses for your garden or your table, these are it. The good thing for people who don’t like to get stabbed by thorns, they don’t have many thorns as a regular rose. The awesome thing about this flower is that in a way it is man made. It was a creation of David Austin making hybrid roses, makes you think what you may be able to mesh together and come up with.

5. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum’s are native to Asia and north-eastern Europe. Don’t let that stop you from getting you some or at least admiring the look of it. The first chrysanthemums to be grown in America was in Redwood city, CA by the Enomoto Brothers. The way it blooms makes it look like a firework, in my opinion that is the making for a very cool flower. In a way it just screams look at me and love me cause I can light up your whole day.

6. Tibouchina


The Tibouchina flower grow in a both spring and autumn, so they can be a fan favourite twice a year. They are native to rain forest in Mexico, and south America, mainly Brazil though. These flowers are not welcomed everywhere though, Hawaii being one place since they are considered invasive. Just shows that beauty isn’t everything in this world.

autumn flowers

<hr> photo credits: Denes Emoke, Kristian Frisk, Kisaragichiyo, Mogens Engelund, Stanislav Doronenko, Forest and Kim Starr, Tina Lenox, John, Karen Hall