This Butt Lamp Turns On Whenever You Slap It


Slapping butts may not be good manners but sometimes it’s all in good fun. Allow this butt lamp to help you refrain from slapping any REAL behinds, as you can get all of your kicks out this hilarious invention. The ‘Slap It’ is a butt-shaped lamp that allows you to turn it on by squeezing, […]

Beautiful Strings Of Light Drip Down From Trees In Long-Exposure Photos By Vitor Schietti


Vitor Schietti relies on a very unique process to create his strikingly perfect long-exposure photos. The Brazilian photographer utilizes fireworks and long-exposure photography to capture beautiful strings of lights literally dripping down from the trees. He calls his one of a kind work, “Impermanent Sculptures.” Manually waving fireworks, some post processing, and then combining up to 12 […]

21 Proud Dog Moms Showing Of Their New Puppies


Maternal instincts kick in the moment dogs deliver their litter of puppies. Watching dog moms interact with their puppies is downright adorable. After all, puppies depend on their mom for almost everything, and mommy does her very best job keeping her little ones clean, fed, warm and happy. A fresh litter of puppies is enough […]

Mesmerizing Hour Glass Tells Time With Bubbles, Not Sand

bubbles hourglass

Photo Credit: Norihiko Terayama Everyone is familiar with an hourglass, telling time through tiny grains of sand that can make you feel as if time is quickly slipping away. But Norihiko Terayama created an object that, although shaped like an hourglass, has the opposite effect. Those fleeting bubbles you probably watched as a child, and […]

Stunning Travel Photo Finalists Capture Breathtaking Scenes from Across the Globe


Photo Credit: The Intrepid Travel competition recently ended after a long 12 months of spectacular images. With a new theme each month, travelers from across the globe were invited to submit their best shots, both professional and amateur, resulting in an album of stunning travel photo finalists that included an inspired mix of optical […]

Massive 16th Century Sculpture In Florence, Italy Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside

giant sculpture

Photo Credit: Among the monuments dating back to the Renaissance period in Florence, Italy there is the massive 16th century sculpture the Colossus of the Apennines by Giambologna. The Apennines is made of stone and brick and had at one time grottoes decorated with frescoes and beautiful geometric decorations on the inside. This epic […]

Grandfather Builds Amazing 3-Story, 40-Feet Tall Treehouse For Lucky Grandkids


There are treehouses and there are EPIC treehouses. Grandfather and handyman Jay Hewitt definitely knows how to go big when it comes to building cool things for his grandkids. The Massachusetts-based grandfather used his creativity and experience as a contractor to build a 3-story treehouse that reaches 40-feet-tall. Long before Hewitt’s now 5-year-old grandson and 4-year-old […]

Moon Glass Reveals Different Lunar Phases While You Drink

moon glass

If you love the moon you need a Moon Glass, the first mug capable of duplicating the lunar phases of the moon. Korean company Tale designed these creative cups with a perfectly shaped bulge located on the inside of each ceramic cup. As a result, every sip you take reveals a new phase of the lunar […]

Shocking True Stories Of Feral Children Shown Through Dark Photos


Feral children have fascinated the world for years. Children need their parents to learn, grow and stay alive, although some children manage to make it all on their own, growing up in the wild. Most of these children are taken in by packs of wild animals, which help keep them safe and teach them how […]