7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life

Whether it’s civilization or serene nature, there’s nothing like stopping to enjoy the view. From Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak viewpoint to the amazing temples of Bagan in Myanmar, we searched the entire world for seven views that will make you stop, think, and appreciate life. 1. Grand Canyon, Arizona Whether you choose to view […]

8 Incredible Places to Travel to While You’re Still Young

It’s hard to sell all your possessions, pack your backpack, and travel the world when you’re a married professional with a family. When you’re young, however, risks are second nature and packing up and traveling for a year is a much easier decision to make. These eight amazing destinations range from natural wonderlands to high-octane […]

8 Weird and Wonderful Animals You’d Think Were Fictional

Around 1.2 million animal species have been described (although millions more undiscovered species exist), but most of us have only ever seen or heard of a handful of these. While you might be able to point out pigs, elephants, sharks and squirrels until the cows come home, some of this planet’s animals are unbelievably weird. […]

How to Travel Without Any Money At All

One of the easiest ways to travel without money is right in front of you: the internet. You’re using it to see the world (hello everyone!). The tangible way is just too expensive, right? Well, if you’re secretly planning your grand escape into the world, then you should know that it’s possible to travel without […]

11 Mindblowing Locations You Won’t Believe Are Really on Earth

Has your mind ever played tricks on you? Sometimes even the most impressive CGI creation looks tame in comparison to real life scenery. From bizarre African islands to Antarctic shipwrecks, these 11 locations are so amazing you might doubt you’re still on earth. 1. Socotra, Yemen Considered the biodiversity jewel of the Arabian Sea, the […]

7 Unbelievable Landscapes Too Beautiful To Be Real

Written By: Zach Souza Have you ever looked out at a breathtaking landscape and thought “is this real life?” There are some things in life so beautiful, that we can’t believe they actually exist, so magnificent we question the very fabric of reality and what is possible in this world. Here are 7 unbelievable landscapes […]