8 Million Flower Petals Rain Down On A Village In Costa Rica


There’s no doubt that nature supplies our world with some magnificent types of eruption. However, most associations of eruptions have to do with the volcanic kind, hot, fiery magma oozing down the sides of charcoal-colored volcanic rock – I’m sure you’re somewhat familiar with the phenomenon. But what about an eruption of flowers? Yes, flowers, […]

Man Walks Nearly 3000 Miles Through China.

Man Walks Nearly 3000 Miles Through China 00

When Christoph Rehage set off walking in the fall of 2007, he also decided to take a photo of himself every day of his journey. The original plan was to walk from Beijing, China to where he lived in Germany, which would have been almost five thousand miles. He didn’t make it quite that far, […]

10 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die


Here we have a combined edition of some of the most amazing hotels in the world that is a must visit before you die. Although, there may be many who cannot afford these locations but most of us would love to spend some quality time with our family and friends in these fantastic places. So […]

7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life


Whether it’s civilization or serene nature, there’s nothing like stopping to enjoy the view. From Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak viewpoint to the amazing temples of Bagan in Myanmar, we searched the entire world for seven views that will make you stop, think, and appreciate life. 1. Grand Canyon, Arizona Whether you choose to view […]

8 Incredible Places to Travel to While You’re Still Young


It’s hard to sell all your possessions, pack your backpack, and travel the world when you’re a married professional with a family. When you’re young, however, risks are second nature and packing up and traveling for a year is a much easier decision to make. These eight amazing destinations range from natural wonderlands to high-octane […]