Australian Bat Hospital Is Home To The Most Adorable Orphaned Baby Bats


Don’t let the haunted reputation of bats fool you! If you get to know some of these nighttime flyers you will quickly find out bats are absolutely adorable.

The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center located in eastern Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland adopt orphaned baby bats and grant them a second chance at life.

The clinic takes in orphaned baby bats as well as bats that are in need of immediate treatment for other reasons. The clinic often rescues bats suffering from mites, a run-in with barbed wire, or any other unfortunate situation.

The baby bats, also known as ‘pups’, are wrapped up snug in cuddly blankets; while the blankets sure look cute they aren’t for show. In the wild, a mother bat wraps her wings around her babies like a warm blanket. The blankets provided by the Australian bat hospital mimic this, keeping the bats feeling safe and warm.


The caretakers at the hospital act like a mother to the adorable bats. They feed them, help look after them, and love them too. The cute bats are sweet and harmless and happy to be cared for.


The bats are incredibly expressive as they learn to hang upside down and flap their wings. Simply looking into their eyes you can see the love and personality flowing forth.


The next time you see a bat flying up in the night sky, instead of freaking out, screaming or thinking you have been transported into a horror flick, you now know you are in good company! Bats are lovely creatures under the tricky spell of a mistaken reputation.







See more baby bats from another bat hospital, The Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton, Australia. 


You can help these bats by donating your time or money to the Australian Bat Clinic.

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