Images That Prove Australia is the Most Insane Place on the Planet


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It’s probably no surprise that Australia is the most insane place on earth. After all, the country was founded by prisoners on a continent isolated from the rest of the world for about 40 million years. No offense to Aussies as most happen to be extremely cool, if slightly offbeat.

If you don’t believe it, these photos will surely prove it, including the images above. One guy decided to play a game of Frisbee with a croc, while another got the fright of his life when a huge crocodile he’d decided to tease suddenly exploded from the water and nearly took a bite. The man wasn’t Australian, he happened to be from Israel, but he definitely should have known better. The 27-year-old backpacker had spotted the croc while fishing, and he was determined to have his picture taken with the massive creature. Apparently he got what he bargained for, and a whole lot more. The animal propelled itself out of the water with terrifying speed, narrowly missing its prey and smashed into the side of the small metal boat before plunging back into the water.

Pictured below,  this massive saltwater croc caught on film is estimated to be about 18 feet in length!


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Snake eating crocodiles

crocodile snake

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And, you though the crocs were bad. Here, the snakes are so big they can eat a crocodile.

And enormous bats

snake bat

Snakes eat bats too, including the grey-headed flying fox, the largest bat in Australia with a wing span of up to 3.3 feet in length.


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The bats themselves are rather creepy – can you imagine seeing hundreds of these flying through the air?

Creepy spiders



If you’re an arachnophobe, you might want to stay far away from Australia – this is the home of the world’s most terrifying spiders – and they can be found pretty much everywhere. This one, a Sydney Funnel Web was just lounging around a backyard pool. Just one of these spiders can deliver a fatal bite.

Great white sharks

great white

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If you’re hoping for a nice, laid-back day of surfing – beware, great whites just might want to go along for the ride.