Artist Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Sketches Into Paintings


Ruth Oosterman and her daughter Eve have a pretty cool connection. This mother-daughter duo shares a love for art. Mom is an artist, and 2-year old daughter Eve is an up and coming artist herself. Not only is Eve absolutely adorable, but she loves creating ink pen drawings and can’t wait to see what her mother will do with them each time.

Eve starts off each work of art using an ink pen, then Ruth steps in and uses watercolor paints to create the final masterpiece. On her blog, Ruth explains how valuable she finds the whole process. She credits her daughter for teaching her so much. Ruth believes adults can learn a lot from kids in the carefree way that they live life.

These two are too cute, check out their awesome artwork here!


The real reason Eve uses an ink pen is because it is the pen she originally went after, and enjoys using the most.

Works well for mom too, Ruth writes about the benefits of the ink pen on her personal blog. She writes, “It makes it easier to blend into the colors I add and also adds a dark intensity that I wouldn’t be able to create otherwise. It’s part of Eve’s collaborative effort that gets to make an impact throughout the entire painting.”

The Great Owl 


In the future, Ruth also writes that she will let Eve experiment with all types of colors, and she can’t wait to see what her daughter will create next.

The Elephant King 


Ruth Oosterman writes about her daughter on Bored Panda, “As she gets older I look forward to collaborating with her on many projects, but until then I’ve decided to see what I can create with some of her many sketches.”

And that’s exactly what she has done. Eve makes the outline with all of her toddler-like scribbles, then mom comes in and fills in the parts her daughter left out. Each painting takes only 30-60 minutes to complete. As an artist, Ruth often finds herself agonizing over a “mistake” but having her daughter’s scribbles lead the way, she is able to let some of this go and just appreciate a piece of art for what it is.

Adults tend to over think things too much, but kids don’t do that. That’s why Ruth works hard not to take the artwork too seriously, otherwise she risks losing that child-like energy the art naturally portrays. She must draw now, think later.

The Red Boat 


Besides doodling, Eve also loves the movie Frozen and is known to sing “Let It Go” at all hours of the night. She also loves frozen blueberries, yum yum!

Bookworm’s Dream 


Eve’s sketches are very inspiring, and they prompt Ruth to create pieces of work she might not otherwise think up. In order to give her daughter a large role in the artwork, she never tells Eve what to draw, or how to draw something. Instead, she lets Eve dictate what canvas she begins with, that way the idea originates directly from her little one.

Eve loves the art collaborations just as much mom–and everyone else! The montage video on YouTube that Ruth creates for each artwork shows the entire process from start to finish. Eve just loves to watch them over and over, smiling the whole time.

One day, this little girl will be creating art all on her own, and while mom is very excited for that day, she is truly enjoying all of the fun they are having collaborating together now.

The Lady and The Fox 


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