Artist Recycles Old Hubcaps And Turns Them Into Stunning Animal Sculptures


Old wheel hubcaps typically end up piled in junkyards or left abandoned on the side of the highway, further contributing to our world’s massive pollution problem. Fortunately, one eco-friendly artist has found a way to turn old hubcaps into treasure. Ptolemy Elrington recycles old wheel hubcaps and turns them into stunning animal sculptures.

Ptolemy has been collecting old hubcaps and creating magical art from what most people see as simply trash for the last 12 years. His work has earned considerable popularity. Despite the fact it is made from ‘worthless’ pollution it sells for anywhere between $300 to over $15,000 American dollars. Learn more about the artist and check out his awesome work below.


Ptolemy leaves behind pieces of what the recycled materials once were, allowing one sculpture to tell multiple stories. For instance, check out the BMW detailing in the owl’s eyes.


Some of Ptolemy’s sculptures incorporate other recycled forms of trash, as well as hubcaps. No matter what materials he uses to form his creations, they always look incredibly realistic and true to form.

Ferrari Horse Head 


Ptolemy has also created a full size horse sculpture that stands a realistic 17 hands high, which is the height of a tall horse.

Arctic Wolf 



Ptolemy was born in southern England and raised in northern England. After getting his degree in art and design, Ptolemy went on to work a number of jobs including theatre set design, construction, and stage design, but no matter what jobs he worked in order to pay the bills, he was always busy pursuing his own artistic agenda on the side.

Deer Head 

This dear deer sculpture has a permanent home at the Neo Brighton studio.








Ptolemy’s overall goal is to create sculptures that resemble things and creatures found in nature using only recycled materials. He doesn’t just use old wheel hubcaps. He also utilizes other old materials he finds, such as broken shopping carts, scrap metal, or anything he can reshape into a different life form.

Sea Horse


Rise and Shine Rooster




Ptolemy has worked for a number of big name clients including: The Environmental Agency, WWF, Essex County Council, East Coast Trains, The Eden Project, and more. His work has earned a good deal of media attention and has been featured in several exhibits.







Deep Sea Fish


Ptolemy currently lives in Brighton where he continues to experiment with recycled goods creating stunning sculptures.

Penguin Mommy And Baby


Over 75% of the waste we generate can be recycled. Sadly, only 30% of recyclable waste makes it into the recycling bin. The more ways we can find to actively recycle, the better; otherwise we will soon be trapped living in a world drowning in toxic trash.

Wild Boar


Silver Snake 

You can purchase pieces that Ptolemy has already fashioned, or you can meet with the artist in person, or by email or phone and order something to your personalized specifications.


If you want Ptolemy to commission a sculpture from your own imagination he requests you tell him what you want, what size you want it, materials used, how you expect to mount it or display it, as well as your budget. Working within these perimeters, Ptolemy can create one-of-a-kind wonders complete with a recycled history that is good for the environment.

The Man Behind The Magic


Ptolemy is not the only artist working to better the planet by using recycled materials to create artwork. Check out this Portuguese street artist that uses all recycled materials to create amazing owl sculptures. 

Photo Credits: hubcapcreatures.comFacebook