Natural Beauty: Stunning Art That Dissolves Into Nature


Miha Brinovec uses every chance he can get to incorporate nature and art together as one; in fact all of his stunning art dissolves into nature over time. His work is eye-popping, unique and truly beautifully, and yet it takes nothing from the environment as it gives everything right back.

Art is inspiring and it often pays tribute to nature, but you have to admit canvas, paints, wood sculptures and many other artistic tools take away from nature without necessarily giving back to the trees, plants and wildlife. Artist Miha Brinovec, 43, from Braslovce, Slovenia, creates all kinds of naturally beautifully art, from stacked stones to mud sculptures. The one requirement all of his work must meet: it dissolves back into nature over time.

Knowing that all of Miha Brinovec’s artwork honors nature makes it that much more spectacular. Check out some of his stunning art here before it dissolves back into nature!


Brinovec uses all natural materials to create each and every one of his installations. He wrote, “For me it is great joy to work with the landscape and learn natural laws like: ‘nothing lasts forever’, ‘action – reaction’ and ‘gravity rules’.”


Brinovec’s motto is “Creation for creation-itself.” He wrote on his official website, “The subject is not WHAT I create, but more THAT I create. Curiosity is leading me through the art of living. I’m always trying something new to gain new experiences, new knowledge. I surrender myself to the current inspiration which definitely takes me to the place and moment where I have to create.”


The creation below is known as Water Man, all of the stunning realistic qualities, including facial hair, and wrinkles are made from mud in the lake.


Miha Brinovec wrote on Bored Panda, “As a child I always wanted to see mythical creatures from fairy tales. Of course I couldn’t see them. Now I am older but that child inside me is still curious, so one day I came up with the idea how to see them.

“I went into the forest, picked up a magical place and surrendered myself with the process. I picked up available nature materials, asked the spirit to reveal himself (herself) to me and started to work. This is how some pretty amazing faces were brought to life.”




Brinovec is well known for his incredible stacked rock sculptures, all of which look like they are destined to topple over, and yet they don’t. No adhesive is used, just extreme attention to detail.


Brinovec finds a lot of peace stacking rocks into impossibly beautiful sculptures. He said, “It’s all about the connection between water, rocks and me. I just pick some random rocks and one unusual stone for the top of the installation and the process can begin.”


Brinovec’s incredible stone towers are reminiscent of another artist we have shared with you before. Michael Grab Creates Impossible Towers of Balanced Rocks.


“Mathematically, I have to find three points on each stone so it can stand still. But this is much more than just mathematics – it is a way of meditating and connecting with nature. When the connection is right the magic happens, gravity surrenders and the whole place becomes balanced and peaceful.”

Just like all of Brinovec’s artwork, these stones will eventually give way, falling back into nature.








All too often popular forms of at and entertainment strip away the natural world, but Brinovec’s talented creations allow art and nature to exist seamlessly. By sharing his creations with the world, Brinovec strives to bring Zen, love and happiness to others.





Photo Credits: Miha Brinovec 

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