Arizona Mother Of 10 Takes Magical Portraits Of Kids Outdoors


Lisa Holloway is a master at taking magical portraits of children; she is also a wizard at raising kids, with 10 of her own to take care of. Lisa started off taking photos as a way to document her children growing up, but soon realized she was onto something.

As a naturally creative person with a love for the arts, nature, and photography, these images became a really fun way for Lisa to connect with her inner passions. Today she photographs other children along with 10 of her own children, adding a spark of magic to every photo she captures.

Living with a family of 12, Lisa is very busy but she somehow she manages to fit amazing photographer into her list of daily duties. Check out some of her awe-inspiring work here.


Her photos often incorporate nature and animals into the mix, making for an ultra special image full of love and life.


Inspired by the world around her, everything from color, texture, beauty, and love allow her to take photos that are truly out of this world incredible.

Recently Lisa began to play around with photos that do not include a lot of props or frills, the results are just amazing.


With 10 children to look after, Lisa sure does have her hands full! On her blog she notes people often ask her how old all of the kids are, and what their names are. For those that have been following her work for many years, it is clear how quickly her adorable clan has grown up. Her children listed by name and age from oldest to youngest (as of August 2014):


Calista–15 1/2





Camille– 6





Reading through Lisa’s official personal blog hints that she enjoys photographing her own children above all us–and who wouldn’t?! Especially when your kids are picture-perfect like the Holloway family.

Just look at the eyes on that baby–oh my wow!


Lisa also specializes in high school senior photography, creating photographs far surpassing the usual high school photo. She also takes photos of newborn babies, pregnant mothers, children, and entire families. All of her photos incorporate the beauty of nature to enhance the overall ‘wow’ of the picture.


Lisa says that she sees her photographs being around for many more years to come, offering future generations the opportunity to see what their ancestors looked like.




“I’ve always been taken with simple, soulful portraits with beautiful lighting.” Says Lisa. The light, surroundings and person being photographed are all captured in Lisa’s stunning photos. She doesn’t only score a picture that is nice to look at, but she also captures the raw personality behind the pretty eyes.



You might be wishing Lisa could take photos of your own family right about now, but according to her website she is no longer taking on client sessions in an attempt to spend more time with her flock of gorgeous children.


While Lisa admits that she still takes on the occasional client, she remains more focused on her children and her teaching/mentoring business. Lisa offers workshops at different times throughout the year that you can attend to learn more about taking the perfect images. Those that have already taken the course leave rave reviews for the lessons learned and the experience working with Lisa as a whole.


The mysteries of the world are captured in Lisa’s photography with every click of her lens.

Lisa’s work has received much praise and many awards. It has been featured in publications worldwide, online and in print. To see more of Lisa’s work be sure to check out her website, here.


Image Credits: ljhollowayphotograhpy, Facebook, 500px