7 Castles That Are Cheaper Than An Apartment In San Francisco


San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States. The average apartment in San Francisco costs $2,925 per month, and that’s a small apartment with few (if any) luxury amenities. It is so expensive to purchase a place to call home in the city of San Francisco that it is actually cheaper to buy a full-blown, authentic castle. No joke. Upout.com recently shared a few castles that are cheaper than an apartment in San Francisco, and we have simply added to the list.

Here are 7 castles that are cheaper than an apartment in San Francisco.

1. 20th Century Palace In Casas de Benitez Spain for $930,000

This castle, known as the “Palace House of Mr. Julian Navarro,” was built in the 1920s with great attention to detail. The house is massive, with an underground floor, ground floor, first floor and second floor, all with many bedrooms. This property features a gym, dance hall, pool hall, over 13 bedrooms, a swimming pool, gardens and more!



Photo Credit: Prestige Property

OR, 1 Bed, 1 Bath Condo In Nob Hill for $985,000

While the 884 square foot living space is a bit small, at least you will enjoy views of the famed Golden Gate Bridge. Did I mention it comes with 1 parking space? The palace above comes with 8.



Photo Credit: SFHouses

2. Castle With Vineyard in Aquitaine, France for $1,817,993

This exquisite 10-bedroom castle was built in the 18th century. It was restored in 2000, and transformed into a bed and breakfast. It comes with a fully operative vineyard.



Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, 4 Bedroom, 3 Full Bath Condo In San Francisco (Noe Valley) For $1,895,000

Conveniently located near 24th St. and Church St., you can walk to a plethora of shops. Plus, you even get your own south-facing yard. You may have to share bathrooms though; there are 4 bedrooms and only 3 bathrooms!



san franhouse6

Photo Credit: Trulia

3. Castle in Midi Pyrenees, France for $2,659,569

This stunning castle was built upon the foundations of a Roman outpost dating all the way back to the 14th century. The spacious castle rich with history includes 7 sitting rooms, 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.


Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, Studio In the Lower Haight for $2,995,000

This unit located at 871 Page Street includes an entire building with 5 private offices, each with dedicated kitchen, bathroom and 3 apartments. This building might help you become a landlord, but it’s no castle. Still it has a newly insulated roof and a top-notch audio and video security system.


Photo Credit: Zillow

4. Castle In Marche, Italy For $854,480

This gorgeous castle includes 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a restored watchtower, a large swimming pool and breathtaking views.


Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, Apartment In Bayview For $869,000

Ditch the views and the privacy and you can have this 5 bedroom, 3-bathroom duel condo built in 1900.


Photo Credit: Zillow

5. Historic Castle In The Ardennes Luxemburg, Saint-Hubert For $4,005,375

This luxurious castle is built high on a rock overlooking the “Vallée de la l’Homme”. The oldest parts of the castle date all the way back to the 7th century.  The castle contains 45 bedrooms and 45 bathrooms.


Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, Mansion In Alamo Square for $6,400,000

This mansion has 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and beautiful detailing both outside and in.


Photo Credit: Zillow

6. Castle In Piedmont, Italy for $3,097,490

This spacious 19th century castle features 6 large apartments, a 2500sqm farmhouse, rolling acres of forest and fields, and a small lake.


Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, House In Glen Park For $3,600,000

This home lacks a farmhouse and private lake, but it does offer nice views, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.


Photo Credit: Zillow

  7. Castle in Haute-Garonne, France for $2,130,859

This castle is tucked away in a tranquil location, but remains close enough to major cities and activities so you don’t feel completely secluded. Built in the early 1800s, this chateau features 6 bedrooms, 4 huge reception areas, sculptured gardens and a salt-water pool.


Photo Credit: Moulin

OR, Queen Anne in NoPa for $2,399,000

Located on Divisadero Street, this two-unit building has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, total.


Photo Credit: Zillow