25 Animals Posing For The Camera Like Professional Models


Models know how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and pose for the camera, and that’s why they get paid to look pretty and wear great clothes. Turns out animals are better at modeling than most humans, and they don’t need to attend any fancy classes to learn how to work it for the camera. So the next time you’re trying to look your best in a picture just channel these animals posing and you can’t go wrong.

These animals posing for the camera are way too sexy for their fur, and they know it!

1. Strike A Pose!

XX-Animals-Who-Are-Masters-Of-Posing-8__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. This Kangaroo Is Too Cool For School

animals-posing-20__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. I’m Ready For My Magazine Spread!

animals-posing-25__605Photo Credit: ThatsWhatSheepSaid

4. The Perfect ‘Come Hither’ Face

animals-posing-4__605Photo Credit: IplayMusic 

5. Paint Me Like On Your French Girls

animals-posing-10__605Photo Credit: On1yPrO

6. Do You Have Tickets… Tickets To The Gun Show?

animals-posing-6__605Photo Credit: naux

7. She’s Sexy And She Knows It

animals-posing-5__605Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Been Working On This Face For Years

XX-Animals-Who-Are-Masters-Of-Posing-1__605Photo Credit: kode_name

9. Check Out Those Bunny Buns!

animals-posing-111__605Photo Credit: Unknown

10. This Tree Model Shows Us How It’s Done

XX-Animals-Who-Are-Masters-Of-Posing-3__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

11. This Squirrel Was Born To Model

animals-posing-3__605Photo Credit: Jason ozur

12. Photograph Me Here On My Purple Throne

animals-posing-116__605Photo Credit: shmayy

13. Duck, Duck, Model

animals-posing-27__605Photo Credit: verguy

14. Meet Stella “The Sexy Seductress”

XX-Animals-Who-Are-Masters-Of-Posing-__605Photo Credit: space_angel

15. This Foxy Feline Considers This One Of Her Favorite Poses Of All Time

His owner writes, “My cat Dave does this all the time.”

XX-Animals-Who-Are-Masters-Of-Posing-6__605Photo Credit: FitzGarrett

16. Look Back At It

animals-posing-120__605Photo Credit: aaakeith

17. I Know Why You’re Tired… You’ve Been Thinking Of Meow All Day

animals-posing-1__605Photo Credit: RedMushtoom

18. Can’t Touch This!

animals-posing-11__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Jungle Beauty

animals-posing-117__605Photo Credit: paperkut

20. Plus Size Model Works It On The Beach

animals-posing-46__605Photo Credit: iwantedanamechangesoidid 

21. You Fancy

animals-posing-118__605Photo Credit: Unknown

22. The Coolest Cat On The Block

animals-posing-39__605Photo Credit: Unknown

23. Mommy Gorilla Has A Camera-Ready Grin!

animals-posing-211__605Photo Credit: Unknown

24. King Of The Selfie

Smile - Crested Macaque (Macaca Nigra)Photo Credit: Tom Harnish

25. Miss Alaska

animals-posing-30__605Photo Credit: Olav Thokle

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