Creative Pet Oncologist Makes Lamps Using Animal X-Rays


When LA-based pet oncologist Spike Vain isn’t busy saving animal lives she uses her spare time to create these pawesome lamps using animal x-rays from her beloved patients. The lamps are a little bit creepy but a whole lot of cool.

The idea manifested after Dr. Vain saw a store window display decorated with X-rays. She’d been collecting animal X-rays for many years and was looking for a way to repurpose and display them, that’s when the idea for these lampshades emerged. Spike Vain now has a growing collection of lamps made from animal X-rays and MRI images, many of which can be viewed through her Instagram.

Repurposing X-ray radiographs to make lampshades is not something you see everyday, but Dr. Vain prefers art to ordinary. In fact, the veterinary oncology technician is covered in body art, and often trades her work for new tattoos.

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-71In an interview with Bored Panda Dr. Vain explained, “The unexpected difficulty in fabricating these lamps is finding resources for the x-rays since it is a dying technology. Most facilities that do radiology have converted to digital.”

The other struggle is shipping medical film because it is so heavy and “the shipping costs can be a fortune.” Spike Vain is currently seeking an admiring sponsor to fund her trip to the UK where she plans to collect over one hundred pounds of old film.

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-8-605x605“I used a few in hanging pendants with light and realized it created a beautiful effect.”

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-1“There are x-ray scanners that can duplicate the film but I don’t use one and will not ever use one. I want each of my pieces to be one-of-a-kind and no two alike. If one day I run out of x-rays to use then I will have to find a new format of art.”

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-71“I’ve been collecting x-rays, CT Scans and MRI’s for over 20 years so I do have a decent amount to choose from when it comes to putting together a theme for a new piece. But I’m always looking for new sources.”

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-3Her final products will never show any of her patient’s personal information. “Facilities who produce medical film are legal obligated to retain the films for 3-7 years (depending on state laws) and after that they can dispose or recycle them.”

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-5animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-2Don’t forget to check out Spike Vain’s Instagram!

animal-x-ray-lamp-shade-veterinary-oncologist-spike-vain-4Photo Credits:

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