Expressive Animal Portraits Reveal The Real “Human” Emotions They Share With Us


While some people still see pets as ‘others’ many people see pets as equals. It only makes sense that animals are just like us, after all they can smell, smile, feel sadness and pain as well as triumph and excitement. Animals are full of emotions, likely more so than we can even fully comprehend.

Antwerp, Belgium-based photographer Vincent Lagrange showcases the real emotions of our furry (and scaly) pals in his latest series of animal portraits appropriately titled “Human Animal.” His portraits are much more serious than typical pet photos but this makes animals so much more relatable on an emotional level.

It was Lagrange’s cat Dwiezel that inspired his latest series. Lagrange doesn’t just focus on cats or dogs; instead he photographs a wide variety of animals including reptiles, owls and more. Thus proving it’s not just typical house pets that have real human feelings, but all animals.

expressive-animal-portraits-human-emotions-vincent-legrange-9The photographer says of his amazing work, “I tried to photograph the animals as humans, depicting their emotion and human-like characteristics in a somber way.”

Instead of taking pictures of dogs playing fetch or splashing into the pool he focused on more quiet moments, allowing the photo to capture something deeper beneath the surface, the heart and soul of an animal without any distractions.

expressive-animal-portraits-human-emotions-vincent-legrange-12While the series is fun and rewarding it does present some unique challenges. The biggest hurdle of all according to Lagrange is getting the animals to hold still long enough to capture the perfect shot. He has to constantly rearrange lighting and props as the animals roam all about his studio.


The young and talented photographer said, “Today most people just photograph people.” He wanted to do something different, focusing on the beauty of animals and their vast range of emotions. As a result, Lagrange’s photos highlight the striking resemblances between humans and animals in a raw manner you can’t help but appreciate.


Photo Credits: finni.beFacebookInstagramBehance

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