Stunning Handcrafted Animal Masks Made From Hammered Steel


When you think of animal masks you likely think of little cat eyes or bird feathers, but these masks defy all of your preconceived notions. In fact, if you saw someone wearing one of these masks at a party they would certainly steal the show. Not that I would consider these ‘party masks,’ but instead something hung from the wall of a regal mansion library.

Selçuk Yılmaz is the talented artist behind these awesome handcrafted animal masks made of hammered steel and looking like nothing you have ever seen before.

Perhaps the reason Selçuk’s artwork is so unique has to do with the guiding inspiration behind each handcrafted masterpiece. Selçuk resides in a crowded city but despite all of the crowds he often ends up feeling isolated and alienated. In order to escape the turmoil he flees to the mountains during the summer. Selçuk writes via Bored Panda, “Nature helps me reconnect to the things that matter, and eases the sense of isolation.”

Creating animal masks from metal is soothing to his soul. According to Selçuk, “What we have is time and space to use creativity in becoming better. When using the metal pieces I am using time and space, past and future, all that is in life.”


Tiger__880“My art is a response to social alienation. I see how society is full of turmoil and chaos. Creativity is a process that is alive in all things, and relates with human roots running deep with meaning. This evolution, from poor progress to doing something better needs patience. We need patience and have to know pain.”




Although these masks don’t look very comfortable, I would like to see someone wearing one at a costume party!


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