15 Eye-Opening Animal Facts That Will Amaze And Amuse You


Animals are amazing creatures, and there are so many different types, each with unique behaviors, tendencies and quirks. We often think of animals as ‘others,’ or completely different from humans, especially when we are not talking about household pets like dogs and cats. Yet, the more you learn about all kinds of animals the more you realize how much alike we really are to cows, sheep, pigs and many other cute creatures that share this Planet with us.

Here are some amoosing animal facts you likely don’t already know, enjoy!

1. Pandas don’t care where they pass out; when they’re tired they just fall asleep wherever they happen to be.


2. Cows (and horses) have friends just like you and I. If they are separated from their favorite pals they experience stress.


3. Sheep self-medicate and they don’t give a bah what the doc has to say


4. Instead of flowers, male penguins give away pebbles to represent their love


5. Just because housecats are domesticated doesn’t mean they aren’t fast!


6. Don’t mess with a tiger… like ever.


7. Rabbits are always on the alert with 360-degree vision


8. It’s all in the tail wag


9. What would happen if elephants could jump… more earthquakes?


10. Newborn cubs are as helpless as they are cute


11. You never know, someday a pig’s heart could keep you alive


12. Female lion sisters stick together for life


13. Monkeys are worshipped in India


14. Zebras (horses, and other animals) use their ears to communicate with one another


15. You can thank George Washington for Mammoth Jacks in the US

15-Amazing-Facts-You-Didnt-Know-About-Animals1__880Photo Credits: Harjeet Singh

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