Amazing Train Conductor Halts Train Just in Time to Save Cat


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A Netherlands cat came very close to losing its life in a horrific collision with a train, but a quick thinking, caring train conductor wouldn’t let that happen. When passengers on the train traveling from Utrect to The Hague were suddenly jolted as the conductor slammed on the brakes, they had no idea what just happened. Confused, they waited in the stopped cars to find out.

Then, they saw just what had happened. The conductor exited, and when he returned, he had a tiny cat in his arms. She didn’t look good, but she was alive. Her leg and tail were seriously injured, which was believed to have happened during a run-in with another train. The cat they call Juna suffered a lost leg and she also lost part of her tail.

The good news is that this kitty managed to survive, thanks to the conductor with a big heart and is now recovering well from her emergency surgeries. The animal hospital that’s caring for her said via its Facebook¬†page that “she’s eating ravenously,” and that in a few weeks, she’ll be up for adoption.


Photo Credit: dierenkliniek.vanalkemadelaan via Facebook

Juna is certainly one lucky feline!


Photo Credit: dierenkliniek.vanalkemadelaan via Facebook