Amazing Photos Reveal Why You Need to Experience Burning Man at Least Once


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Burning Man is the biggest and most bizarre party on the planet. Every year, this stark, desolate and remote region known as the Black Rock Playa in the desert of Nevada,  becomes a city of 60,000 people for one week. If you aren’t sure if you’d ever want to go, these photos reveal why you must experience Burning Man at least once. The incredible art installations alone, like “Embrace,” pictured above, a 72-foot-tall wooden structure featuring two humans embracing to symbolize all of the relationships that are made during the week long event. is enough reason to get packing.

Amazing works of art like these are spread throughout camp.

burning man2

Photo Credit: Duncan Rawlinson

burning man coyote

burning man3

Hot Entertainment

burning man6

There is plenty of hot entertainment to be found just about everywhere you look, like the lion of fire pounding on a man… until the man explodes. And, the amazing fire dancers.

The Dust

duncan dust

man walking through dust

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truth is beauty

Photo Credit: Kenny Reff

Then, there are the dust storms. No matter what time of day, you cannot leave camp without goggles and a dust mask as in the worst dust storms you may only be able to see just five feet in front of you.  While it sounds horrible, it can be a rather fascinating experience, and it also creates some rather out-of-this-world scenes. When the dust picks up, massive installations like Truth is Beauty are momentarily obscured – then, as the storm passes, she begins peeking through, looking stunningly beautiful in the monochrome landscape.

The Love

burning man love

Photo Credit: Andy Barron via NY Daily News

Of course, Burning Man is mostly all about the love, peace and harmony. There is a strong culture of recognizing the oneness in all of us. This is a place where people eye contact, say hello, and enjoy real conversations.