Amazing Furniture and Junk Recycled into a Fairytale Garden

bed furniture garden

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What do you do with that old furniture that isn’t really worth selling, or perhaps that interesting object on the corner your neighbor is giving away for free? These people got creative by giving old furniture new life, transforming it into into these gorgeous fairytale-like gardens, like this bed garden that looks especially soft and sumptuous for lying on while soaking up the sunshine.

Dresser Garden


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It would be easy to take a dresser that was falling apart and turn it into something that looks like a beautiful piece of art to hold lush greenery and flowers.

Bath Garden

tub garden flowers

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Tubs aren’t just for bathing, they can be an especially picturesque focus of any fairytale garden.

Toilet Garden

toilet garden

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The last thing you’d probably think about using in your garden is an old toilet, but surprisingly, they do a good job at brightening up this yard.

Mailbox Garden

mailbox garden

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If you, or maybe even one of your neighbors, decides to get a new mailbox, make use out of the old one like this! Cut out the middle, add flowers and other plants, and voila! Beautiful!

Piano Garden

piano garden

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It costs a lot to repair an old, broken piano. Instead, why not do something like this? Just remove the insides and fill it to your heart’s delight.