Age is Just a Number for These Senior Citizen Street Artists

elderly woman street art

Photo Credit: lata_65

These senior citizen street artists in Portugal don’t let age stop them from doing something that’s typically been considered a young person’s venture. Instead of sitting at home and knitting in a rocking chair, they’re given spray paint cans, masks and gloves along with free spots throughout Lisbon to tag up and paint by an organization called LATA 65.

LATA 65 is working to destroy age stereotypes by transforming senior citizens into street artists. They began by learning about the history of street art and creating their own stencils in workshops. Then, they seek out run-down parts of the city that could use a little jazzing up with colorful tags and stencil art.

The organization’s goal is to bridge the gap between older and younger generations through art. They’re also helping the elderly engage in new forms of contemporary art while allowing them to have fun at the same time. Not only that, it spruces up a part of the city that really needed a transformation. Certainly a win-win for all.

Perhaps cities across America and throughout the world could follow suit some day. Could you see your grandma, or grandpa, doing this?

man painting

Photo Credit: lata_65

elderly-paint-graffiti-lisbon-lata-65-16Photo Credit: lata_65

You’re definitely never to old for art – senior citizen street artists rock!