20 Adorable Rat Pictures Prove Rats Make The Cutest Little Pets


Regardless of how you feel about rats right now, you are going to like them a whole lot more after looking at the adorable rat pictures on this list.

Rats are cute, sweet and make really great pets. Unfortunately, rats are plagued with a bad image problem. Most people associate rats with filth, and disease and don’t bat a lash when it comes to exterminating rats, or using rats as subjects in test labs. Sadly, rats have feelings, thoughts and every other trait we love about more popular animals, such as dogs and cats.

Rats are smart, they quickly learn tricks like roll over, are great at playing catch, and respond to their name just like a dog. They also spend the same amount of time grooming themselves as cats. As for cuddles, rats show plenty of affection to other rats and their favorite humans as well.

If you’re still feeling unsure about rats, I’ll let these 20 adorable rat pictures do the rest of the talking!

1. Hello, Meet My Teddy Bear…

This rat had me at ‘hello’! 


Photo Credit: Jessica Florence 

2. Great Listener And Thinker


Photo Credit: reddit

3. Will Work For Chips

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Photo Credit: cutestpaw.com

4. This Adorable Rat Likes To Cuddle During Nap Time

Is it just me, or are rat fingernails surprisingly human-like…


Photo Credit: Jessica Florence

5. Say It ‘Aint So!


Photo Credit: martymousehouse.com

6. Rat Knit Sleeping Bag


Photo Credit: Jeanette Svensson

7. Double The Snuggles


Photo Credit: Jessica Florence

8. Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day


Photo Credit: Mona Dreams

9. Book Lover


Photo Credit: Jeanette Svensson

10. Spoiled Rodents


Photo Credit: syzygial

11. Standing Up Tall


Photo Credit: Feistea

12. Peeking Out From The Foliage While Playing In The Garden


Photo Credit: cutestpaw.com

13. The Cutest Critter You’ve Ever Discovered In Your Tea

cute animal pictures

Photo Credit: hdwallpapersonly.com

14. A Palm Full Of Cuteness


Photo Credit: imgur

See 30 more palms full of cuteness!

15. AWE!


Photo Credit: martymousehouse.com

16. Singing In The Wind


Photo Credit: cutestpaw.com

17. The Laid Back Rat


Photo Credit: Jessica Florence

18. Are You Going To Read To Me Now?


Photo Credit: Olga Seebart

19. Buds

Their tails come together in the shape of a heart <3…


Photo Credit: felixpearce.wordpress.com

20. Time For My Night Cap… Goodnight Y’all!


Photo Credit: Camila Marchetti

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