Adorable Orphaned Raccoon Rescued By Family With Dogs, Thinks She’s a Dog

racoon dog final

Photo Credit: Pumpkin the Raccoon via Facebook

Last year, Rosie Kemp from Nassau in the Bahamas, found a baby raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. She was very weak, and had broken her back leg. Kemp waited and looked for the animal’s mother, but when she didn’t return she decided to take her in. Rosie and her daughter, Laura Young, decided to adopt the little raccoon, and named her “Pumpkin.”

Determined to give the tiny creature her best possible chance, the pair raised the little raccoon just like one of their own. They fed her every few hours round the clock and kept her warm and toasty, just like her mom would have.

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“She instantly bonded with us and our two rescue dogs and follows me and our two dogs everywhere we go,” Young told The Dodo. “She now thinks she is a dog…she is able to play and be rough with them and she respects them when they have had enough.”

“Raising her was (and still is) a full-time job,” she told The Dodo. “They are so unbelievably intelligent, very aware, and I would say they are even able to express emotions.”

Now, Pumpkin appears to be as happy as can be. Her adventures are chronicled on her Instagram account, where Young and her friends post photos of Pumpkin’s daily life.