Adorable Moose Twins Have a Blast Cooling Off in a Sprinkler


Photo Credit: Facebook/Candice Helm

It’s not just kids that like to play in a lawn sprinkler on a hot day – apparently moose enjoy it too. With temperatures reaching record highs in Alaska in recent days, both humans and animals have been feeling the heat. Certainly something they aren’t used to very often up in the Anchorage community of Eagle River. Unfortunately the wildlife doesn’t get to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning, but these creatures were lucky to find a caring human that was willing to help cool them off.

On Sunday, local resident Candice Helm said she noticed a mama moose and her twin calves wandering through her neighborhood, appearing rather distressed to be stuck out in the especially steamy late-spring weather. But instead of ignoring the family as many might do, she decided to give them a little help.

Candice told the local news station that they were strolling around the house and looked really hot, so she decided to turn on the sprinklers and they were happy. They pranced around in the water, playing on her front lawn just like a couple of kids. And, while mom was keeping a close eye out, she also decided to get cool by frolicking around in the water.

As for Candice, her reward for helping out the moose family was watching this rather amazing, unforgettable scene. Check it out here: