Adorable Baby Elephant Attempts to Intimidate Safari Goers, But Quickly Loses Nerve

baby elephant

Photo Credit: Caters News Agency

There are few things cuter than a baby elephant, but a baby elephant trying to scare off a group of tourists certainly takes the take. This little guy surprised some safari goers in South Africa when he half-heartedly threatened to charge them down.

The plucky little elephant was captured on camera by a tourist on the back of a parked jeep that had been winding its way through the jungle. In the clip, you can see the group trying to stay quiet while filming, but the elephant is well aware of their presence and decides to make itself known.

Unfortunately, the elephant may have learned a little humility, something that most of us humans go through at least one time or another as a child.

After he suddenly went all wavy ears and mock-charge to get them to go back to where they came from, he realized he wasn’t quite too sure about what he was doing. He gathers his courage once again and attempts to scare the jeep away, he again it rapidly applies the brakes before retreating and running back to mom.

The most embarrassing part of all is yet to come. He ends up tripping all over his adorably big elephant feet and the show was basically over. Eventually the elephant wanders off to the comfort of the herd and makes its way back into the jungle.

Watch for yourself here: