Check Out These Adidas Sneakers Made From Ocean Trash And Illegal Fishing Nets Taken From Poachers


These have got to be the coolest Adidas sneakers you’ve ever seen. The latest concept sneaker by the popular brand is the result of a partnership with a multidisciplinary creative environmentalism organization called Parley For The Oceans. Together the two teams have created a sustainable sneaker made entirely from ocean waste, such as plastic and fishnets.

Fishnets are a huge source of pollution that kills sea life everyday. The plastic particles used to make these concept shoes comes with a wild story. Many of the fishnets collected for the concept came from the Sea Shepherds, a group of environmentalists based out in the ocean. For a total of 110 days Sea Shepherds followed and tracked illegal poachers wanted by Interpol off the coast of West Africa. As a result they discovered and captured around 72km of illegal gillnets.

The Sea Shepherds are just downright good people, case and point: when the poachers’ boat unexpectedly sunk, the environmentalists jumped in to help save each and every one of them.

The upper portion of the shoe will be made out of recycled plastics and actual green net fibers. The base of the sneaker will be made with other sustainable materials.

recycled-fish-net-ocean-trash-sneakers-adidas-6Adidas is clearly trying to take a step in the right direction after being accused by Greenpeace of environmental pollution.

recycled-fish-net-ocean-trash-sneakers-adidas-4These Adidas sneakers are even more awesome considering shoes are usually made from leather, sourced from an unknown animal that likely suffered a torturous death.

recycled-fish-net-ocean-trash-sneakers-adidas-1recycled-fish-net-ocean-trash-sneakers-adidas-3While these sneakers are still only a concept and might never hit shelves near you, Adidas is vowing to start using these recycled fibers by early 2016 in various garments.

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