19 Harsh Posters Highlight The Reality Of Our Addiction To Technology


Genetics and genomics don’t typically go hand in hand with art, but Ph.D. student Ajit Johnson is a uniquely talented individual. When he’s not studying cancer genetics and genomics he uses his art to spread hope and love to the world. His latest art campaign includes harsh posters that wake us up to the drawbacks of our addiction to technology.

The idea for Johnson’s posters started on one of those days when he wasn’t getting much done thanks to distractions presented by his computer and cell phone. He decided right then and there to give himself a new challenge: not use his phone for an entire day. Johnson writes: “It was extremely difficult, but very soon I realised, how much more productive I can get and how much time I had which I thought never existed.”

#This_Generation includes a group of posters that Johnson designed to highlight the real role technology is playing in all of our lives. Technology provides so many benefits that we often fail to realize its consequences.

Johnson writes, “Use of technology is of course fun and extremely useful but blinding oneself of the dark side (cyber bullying, privacy etc…) can be equally dangerous. Also, spending much time plugged in affects our relationships in a huge way, studies say.”

Johnson admits he is just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to technology getting the best of him. “I hope this series gets the message across in a hilarious manner. Now let me go Snapchat a selfie.”

1. The Last Status Update


2. Virtual Life Vs. Real Life


3. Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet


4. Google Knows All


5. Book… What’s That?


6. But First… Bathroom Selfie


7. Real World Zombies


8. What A Nightmare Looks Like In 2015


9. This Is Why They Say To Take The Path Less Traveled


10. Death To Conversation


11. Pictures Are The New Notes


12. Blocking Solves Everything


13. Google = Your New Counselor


14. Do You Suffer From NOLIKEOPHOBIA?


15. Finding Idols In All The Wrong Places


16. #TabletsForToddlers


17. Not Going To Lie… If You Change Your Profile Pic More Than Your Panties You Need Help


18. RIP Grammar


19. Watch Out For Those Texting Children… And Adults

this-generation-satirical-illustrations-ajit-johnson-241__700Photo Credits: Facebook

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