This Abandoned Casino In Romania Used To Be One Of The Most Amazing Buildings In Europe


This crumbling ghost town of a casino sitting on the edge of the Black Sea was once the place to see and be seen in Romania. In fact, the stunning Casino Constanta was at one time considered the Monte Carlo of Romania.

Today, the abandoned casino in Romania is completely empty, but if the walls could talk they’d be singing songs about black tie affairs and glamorous all night parties. The building is abandoned but the views remain as stunning as ever, as the old casino sits perched on a hill overlooking the Black Sea.

After its glory days dwindled into the past the massive structure changed hands numerous times before finally closing its doors in 1990. Even after nearly 20-years the impressive art deco details are still very intact, telling glamorous tales of the past.

French photographer Romain Veillon writes on Bored Panda, “During a recent trip to Romania, I had the chance to shoot the abandoned casino in Constanta… I hope my photographs will give you a glimpse of what was the atmosphere back in time!”

DSC_5497__880Romanian architect Petre Antonescu completed the building commissioned by King Carol I between 1904 and 1910. Originally the plan was to pay heritage to Romania’s artistic traditions, but as the building process took off it turned into an Art Nouveau palace for the Belle Epoque.

DSC_5821__880Not one detail was left out, including the unique shell-shaped windows and stunning 18th century Baroque accents. Wandering throughout the now abandoned casino you will find intricate wallpapers, grand staircases, crystal chandeliers, several ballrooms, and massive windows that offer breathtaking views of the sea.

DSC_5661__880The building was once a grand symbol of the seaside town, which used to be Romania’s most prosperous port. Europe’s royalty and wealthy class often visited the major attraction, which became a popular destination competing with the French Riviera. A similar building was even constructed in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Constanta-abandoned-casino2__880Over the course of the 20th century more difficult times struck Romania, causing the grand casino to change hands several times before falling into disrepair and finding itself in the abandoned state it’s in today. Before closing down different investors tried to salvage the incredible site, turning it into a hospital as well as a restaurant, but unfortunately it was too expensive to maintain.

DSC_5689__880Since then, several attempts at restorations have taken place, but despite efforts the building remains abandoned and closed to this day.

DSC_5752__880The Constanta Municipality officially owns the casino, although authorities don’t do much to deter the public from entering. As a result, many tourists visit the abandoned casino to get a feel for what it must have been like back in the day.

There are reports that in 2013 the European Union offered €10 million for renovations on the building. These same reports indicate renovations are scheduled to start in fall of 2015.

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