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17 Cats Desperately Trying To Hide From And Escape The Vet

Most cats don’t love going to the vet, and some cats downright hate it. While the car ride there might seem somewhat exciting, the moment your cat catches whiff of that sterile vet office smell it’s all downhill from there. Veterinarians work long and hard to help kitty cats and animals of all types, but felines generally […]

15 Illustrated Truths About Cats You Can’t Deny

My cats get away with everything. In my defense there’s practically no way to effectively discipline cats since they couldn’t care less. Just watch the popular television show My Cat From Hell and you will quickly learn that the way to make your devilish cat behave is to analyze their behavior and then change everything […]

20 Cats With Their Adorable Mini-Me Kittens

Last week we shared some adorable dogs with their mini-me puppies, and now we present to you adorable cats with their mini-me kittens. Dogs are known for being big-hearted and loving, but cats make great parents too. Despite their ‘evil’ reputation, cats are very sweet and protective towards their little ones. These photos also prove […]

Brilliant “Book Buddies” Program Has Children Reading To Shelter Cats

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County, Pennsylvania has created the most genius program for cats and kids ever. The program called Book Buddies promotes childhood literacy and also helps improve the lives of shelter cats. Book Buddies gives kids the opportunity to donate their time reading books to shelter cats in the cat room. When children […]

This 2,000-Year-Old Paw Print Proves Cats Have Always Had A DGAF Attitude

Cats are jerks but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them! Turns out we’ve been loving on cats that don’t give a hoot about our stuff for as long as 2,000-years. Tearing up leather sofas, shredding blinds, and making their mark in freshly poured concrete, cats have been having a blast destroying our things for centuries and […]

Felines Of New York Reveals Cats’ Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Humans Of New York is a popular blog highlighting everyday people on the streets of New York with candid photos and a personal quote about their life. This inside peek into real peoples’ everyday lives fascinates the world, but there’s only one thing missing… what about all of the cats in New York? Comedian Jim Tews […]