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Bizarre Bikes That You Can Actually Ride

Photo Credit: Why settle for a bike that just about everyone else is riding too? Fantastical rides on bizarre bikes like you might see in a Dr. Seuss book are sure to make the world that much brighter, such as the bicycle pictured above. The wheels were substituted with shoes to resemble a famous […]

Norway Builds The World’s First Bike Escalator

You see a cyclist effortlessly gliding up a big steep hill, a grin overcoming their non-sweaty face and you think, are they in the best shape ever? Do they have a special kind of bike? No, and no. It’s actually the world’s first bike escalator responsible for allowing people to effortlessly travel by bike uphill. […]

Artist Welds Steampunk Animal Sculptures Out of Scrap Medal

Photo Credit: Tomas Vitanovsky Tomas Vitanovsky says that his stunning works of art “all started with a love for cars and motorcycles.” The Czech Republic-born artist explained that he was initially a motorcycle stunt driver before an injury ended his promising career. He then shifted gears, tuning and fixing bikes to earn a living. When he was […]

6 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Hotels Around The World

Abandoned hotels stand all over the world, many of which are full of intriguing tales, historical occurrences, and best of all mystery. Hotels are left abandoned for a number of reasons such as financial collapse, war, or scandal. The craziest thing of all is that at some point in history every hotel, even the most […]

Photoshop or Not?: Man Rides Giant Wave on A Motorcycle

Robbie “Maddo” Maddison is probably one of the most badass people in the world right now for doing something that everyone on the internet is going to scream PHOTOSHOP at.  Even just by looking at these pictures it’s hard to believe it’s true. But it is, Thank the great gods of awesomeness, it totally is. […]