9-Year-Old Spanish Boy Becomes Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Kids are all too often doubted and short-changed; when in reality they are capable of such extraordinary things. Take the 9-year-old photographer pictured above, his Nikon camera posed to take the perfect photo of a pretty squirrel. At such a young age you might assume this kid doesn’t really know how to take good photos, but think again! Carlos Perez Naval’s beautiful photos are sure to wow your socks off.

Since the year 1964, London’s Natural History Museum has been conducting an annual Wildlife Photographer Of The Year contest. This year the winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award goes to 9-year old Carlos. And he wasn’t just competing against other youth his same age, this category’s contestants span all the way up to 17-years old.


Carlos Naval, the grand title winner this year, was born to nonstop world travelers that enjoy taking off around the globe whenever they get the chance. This means Carlos is one lucky boy with a lot of awesome destinations under his belt. In his opinion, going to these places isn’t even as cool as photographing them.


The photo that earned Carlos his first place status is pictured below and titled “Stinger In The Sun.” This yellow scorpion is common to the rocky area near Carlos’s home, located in northeast Spain. Carlos was out looking for reptiles to photograph, as he so often does, when he came across this scorpion out in the open, with his tail arched up in the air.


Carlos noticed the scorpion was waving its stinger up in warning, and he knew this could make for the perfect picture. The bug was perfectly placed. Due to the time of day, the sun was casting a very beautiful glow and so Carlos made the decision to try and use double exposure for the first time.

He ended up taking a number of shots as well as utilizing some patience. At one point the scorpion heard Carlos and began to fidget about. Carlos waited it out and still snagged his priceless shot. In the end he not only scored a great photo, but a winning photo!


Carlos has been taking photos of incredibly vast sites all around the globe since he was only 4-years old. He started off using a little compact camera to capture his images, but when his parents noticed the talent behind his photos, they soon upgraded him to a Nikon professional camera.


Every year before his family takes off on vacation, Carlos tries to persuade his parents into getting him an even bigger and better camera. This kid knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it!


Carlos doesn’t have to be on some fancy whirlwind vacation to take on the role of photographer. It doesn’t matter where this camera-crazy cutie is; he enjoys photographing anything and everything. He even likes to take pictures right in his own backyard. Let’s just say the flowers in the family garden have had their picture taken as much as some professional models.



Perhaps the most exciting part of being named the best youth wildlife photographer is meeting the presenter of the award. The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, presented Carlos with his honorary award.


Due to all of the publicity surrounding Carlos, his award and his stunning photos, there has been a great deal of attention directed towards the boy–as he deserves; his images are breathtaking. So wonderful in fact you can only imagine where his talents will take him when he gets older. Best of luck to you Carlos!


Photo Credits: carlospereznaval.wordpress.comnhm.ac.ukindependent.ie