7 Reasons Why Lake Garda, Italy Should Be On Your Bucket List


Lake Garda is a stunning lake located in Northern Italy, created during the Quaternary Ice Ages (1.5 million years ago). The lake was formed when a huge glacier ripped down and cut through the valley, carving out this now very old lake.

Technically, a piedmont glacier, or a valley glacier that spills out onto surrounding flat land created Lake Garda. When the giant glacier finally melted it stretched out into the 143 square mile lake that still remains today. The deepest parts of the lake reach 919 feet below the surface, although the average depth is closer to 446 feet.

Today Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, granting a unique array of sights, sounds, tastes, and adventures. Here are 7 reasons why everyone should add Italy’s Lake Garda to their travel bucket list!

1. You Can Camp On The Lake 

The perfect place for a family adventure on the lake! There are a number of different camp grounds located on the shores of Lake Garda, some of these facilities are large and full of fancy amenities, while others are smaller and more intimate.


2. The Weather Here is Almost Always Incredible 

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate Lake Garda is almost always the perfect temperature. With the sun shinning up ahead, and a gentle breeze pushing through it feels like paradise almost everyday of the year. Although, it can get really hot mid-summer, so be sure and bring your sunscreen!



3. Clear and Clean Lake 

The surrounding snow covered mountains drain directly into the lake, meaning the water is SO clean and clear. This also means the water is very cold during spring and winter, but by mid-May the water has usually already started to heat up.

Lake Garda~ the Largest Stunning Lake in Italy

4. You Can Visit In The Winter 

Escape the cold and dreary winter weather in your local town and travel on over to Lake Garda. While there is always a greater chance for rain in early spring and late autumn, Lake Garda remains comfortable and beautiful all year.

Visiting in the winter guarantees a really great trip, even though the water will be too cold for swimming. Since it’s the off-season though, you can enjoy cheaper accommodations to this dream destination, plus you won’t have to battle the crowds.

Lake Garda  the Largest Stunning Lake in Italy

5. Sport Lover Paradise 

If you love participating in heart-pumping sports, there are so many things for you to try out at Lake Garda. The lake sports alone are varied and awesome, including jet-skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, water-skiing, or just swimming and boating around!

On land you can enjoy golf courses with incredible views, mountain biking, tennis, paragliding, skiing, hiking and more. From classic sports to extreme sports, Lake Garda has something for everyone.


6. Delicious Local Fruit, Wine, and Olives! 

When the glacier that formed Lake Garda took down the valley, it transformed rich deposits of magnesium limestone into a paste that built up along the edges of the glacier. When the glacier eventually melted into a lake, these deposits remained along the shoreline, creating an incredibly fruitful soil composition. Due to this, the fruit, olives and wine grown locally have their own unique flavorful tastes–yum, yum…downright delicious!

Lak3e Garda. the Largest Stunning Lake in Italy!

7. Geek Out At Incredible Historical Sites Lake Garda Has To Offer 

Back in 4000 B.C. the first people settled at Lake Garda, since then so much history has unfolded here. As a result there are numerous ancient Roman remains to discover, as well as castles, ancient graffiti, and more.

Lake Garda !the Largest Stunning Lake in Italy


Lake Garda ~ the Largest Stunning Lake in Italy


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