7 of the Most Isolated Houses in the World


No doubt every now and again we all want a bit of piece of quiet –

we’d all like to live on the fringes of society

or in a house in the middle of nowhere where we have no neighbours for miles and miles around.

For some of us this isn’t just wishful thinking however,

living far removed from the rest of the world is simply everyday life.

That said, here are seven of the most isolated houses in the world…


1. The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece21._The_Holy_Trinity_Monastery_by_Thomas_Depenbusch

High up in the rocky hills of Meteora lies not one but six monasteries, all of which are still fully functioning today. The Holy Trinity is the oldest of the six monasteries and is also a seeming gravity defying construction which overlooks the Greek town of Kalambaka. The entrance of the monastery can be reached via a series of 140 steps which club about 400 meters high and are carved directly into the cliff face.


2. Just Room Enough Island, CanadaJust-room-enough

Set in the midst of Canada’s Saint Lawrence river sit’s the aptly named Just Room Enough Island, a tiny island which has enough space to support one house and nothing else. When the tide is high the water of the river often laps against the house’s walls however at low tide the owners are able to set up their garden furniture on their porch and soak up the sun, completely neighbour free.


3. Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy17._Hermitage_of_San_Colombano_by_Silvia_Mazzan

While you can drive right by the Hermitage of San Colombano, that’s not to say that this house isn’t incredibly isolated. It may be in clear view of passers by however the house’s location sends a clear message that the occupants do not want to be disturbed. Built in 1319, the Hermitage of San Colombano is situated one hundred and twenty meters up the cliff face and is seemingly carved into the deep valley.


4. Katskhi Pillar, Central Georgia18._Katskhi_Pillar_by_Levan_Nioradze

In the 7th century the Katskhi Pillar, a rock that rises some 40 meters high, became the site of a small Christian church. For the last 20 years the church has been inhabited by one Georgian monk who ensures the upkeep of the church while enjoying the splendid views of the forest below him. Interestingly, even in today’s world women are still not allowed to climb to the top of the Katskhi Pillar.


5. Cougar Peak Lookout, USA19._Cougar_Peak_Lookout_by_Kathy_Weaver

While this entry isn’t exactly a house it’s still worth noting. High up Cougar Peak Lookout in Montana you’ll find this quaint little wooden outhouse which overlooks Clark Fork River, complete with a slanted roof to help it withstand the elements. The outhouse’s scenic location is truly breathtaking and boasts perhaps one of the most magnificent views on Earth to answer the call of Nature by.


6. Stockholm, Sweden20._Stockholm_by_Alfred_Lui

Just a few miles outside of Stockholm, Sweden rests an isolated 137 square meter island which is home to a rather modern, if secluded, residence. The lonely house boasts beautiful glass doors, a  wooden deck, and even an outdoor sauna which allows the residents to comfortable relax in the cold Swedish weather.


7. Elliðaey, Iceland15._Elliðaey_by_S._Jameson

If you were to move to the island of Elliðaey, Iceland, you’d be about as isolated as you could get. On the island there is but one lonesome house meaning your only neighbours would be the few stray cattle that amble about the grassy rock that is Elliðaey. Sadly not a great deal is known about the island or the house that sits upon it however some sources claim it is now simply used as storage, though for what remains uncertain.

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Photo credit: Thomas Depenbusch, G. Reiley, Silvia Mazzan, Levan Nioradze, Kathy Weaver, Alfred Lui, S. Jameson