7 Electrifying Times Lightning Struck The Earth

Grand Canyone Lightning

Lightning is one of mother nature’s most awe-inspiring and destructive forces. It comes in a flash bolting down to earth, leaving booming thunder and scorched marks in the ground where it struck.

Here are 7 Electrifying times lighting struck the earth. Some of these you may find… SHOCKING!

1. Volcanic lightning in Japan

Volcanic lightning JapanPhoto Credit: Martin Rietze

Another picture of volcanic lightning in a dirty thunderstorm. I could never get tired of looking at this.

2. Lake in Australia

Lightning strikes lake turning it milky green in AustraliaPhoto Credit: Julie Fletcher

Lightning struck this Lake in Australia turning the water into a milky green color

3. Volcanic Lightning in Chile

Volcanic Lightning in ChilePhoto Credit: Imgur

This amazing picture shows an interesting phenomenon called Volcanic Lightning, that happens when the volcanic clouds and ash are mixed with the atmosphere, creating what is called a “Dirty thunderstorm.

4. Amazing shot of lightning hitting a tree

lightning hitting a treePhoto Credit: Imgur

Sometimes you get lucky and are able to take a picture of lightning from a far. Sometimes you are so lucky you get to snap a photo of the lightning bolt hitting the tree right next to you.

5. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyone LightningPhoto credit: Colin Sillerud

It’s amazing to see something so as the grand canyon be lit up by lightning bolts from the sky. What a breathtaking sight!

6. Fireworks and Lightning

fireworks and lightningPhoto Credit: Antti Kemppainen

This is possible one of the best panoramic photo ever taken! To capture the man made fireworks as well as nature’s own light show is simply beautiful.

7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago skyline lightningPhoto Credit: Blogspot

Lightning simultaneously strikes the three tallest buildings in the Chicago skyline. And it was all captured in one photo!