7 Amazing Journeys That Should Be On Your Bucket List


If you’re looking for an unforgettable bucket list journey then look no further. Whether you want to travel by foot, boat or car then this list surely has a journey for you…

1. The Great Wall of ChinaAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-2

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders, a man-made creation that’s as big as it is majestic. The incredible wall which was started in 500BC flows through the mountains of China and the path ascends and defends with the slope of the hills, making it no easy feat to walk.

As the wall is 13,170 miles long, you could be forgiven for not completing the entire journey but walking at least a portion of the Great Wall of China should definitely be on your bucket list.


2. The King’s Trail, SwedenAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-1

Situated 100 miles inside of the Arctic Circle, the King’s Trail is an adventure like no other. The 270 mile route is the ultimate journey for hikers come summer or is a snowy wonderland for cross-country skiers come winter.

It takes travelers out into the pristine wilderness, more often than not bringing them face to face with majestic herds of wild reindeer and letting them sleep below the glory of the Northern Lights.


3. The Inca Trail, PeruAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-5

Follow in the footsteps on the fifteenth centre Incas and hike the incredible 26 mile path through the Andes toward the royal retreat of Machu Picchu.

As they follow the ancient stone steps into the clouds, travellers will pass by hundreds of species of exotic flowers and dozens of tropical birds until they finally reach their glorious destination.


4. Appalachian Trail, United StatesAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-3

Crossing through 14 different states on the eastern seaboard, the Appalachian Train covers 2,180 miles and is the longest continuously marked path in the world.

The trail starts in Georgia and leads travellers through national parks, lush forests, through valleys and into the wilderness before finally ending in Maine’s Hundred-Mile Wilderness, a place where it’s near promised you’ll sight wild moose.


5. Route 66, United StatesAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-7

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back then travelling America’s Mother Road between Chicago and Los Angeles is a must. Route 66 is one of the country’s original highways and while it’s no longer a main route for crossing America this scenic route is far from forgotten.

Today, Route 66 offers travellers a taste of how life used to be and gently guides them through the rolling mountains, passed desolate truck stops, quirky diners and countless to neon signs, until they reach the rolling white beaches of LA.


6. Skeleton Coast, NambiaAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-6

If you’re looking for a little adventure then Skeleton Coast offers you just that. With the aid of a guide, you can trek across the area and on the way you’ll find yourself spotting shipwrecks, hiking 1,000 foot sand dunes, keeping an eye out for black and white rhinos, as well as searching for the animal bones that prompted the regions name. This trek is both thrilling and scary all at once but offers many once in a lifetime sights.

7. The Amazon, South AmericaAmazing-Journeys-That-Should-Be-On-Your-Bucket-List-4

The Amazon is a world famous river that flows through Peru, Columbia, and Brazil, offering some incredible sights as it winds its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Hop on a boat and you’ll be able to journey down the legendary river, keeping your eyes open for pink dolphins, howler monkeys and swooping macaws from the deck.

You can cruise the length of the river without stopping however to really make this a bucket list journey you ought to get off at some of the incredible towns along the way and immerse yourself in their colorful culture.

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