The 6 Most Romantic Waterfalls in The World


Waterfalls have long been synonymous with romance which is strange because not all waterfalls are really romantic.

Some are massive; others are famous; still others are magnificent.

But romantic?

Only a few waterfalls truly fit the bill as romantic waterfalls and the best of these are listed below.

Enchanted Kawasan Falls, (Cebu, Philippines)9299009849_5d3a2b2704_k

Kawasan Falls is a everything a romantic getaway location could be.  The hosting resort is ideally situated at the falls and offers restaurants, bars, snacks and all sorts of creature comforts.  Convenient trails lead to the three falls with vendors along the way to tempt and refresh you. At the falls proper, you can dive right into the crystal clear blue pool of water or rent a bamboo raft and float the day away in absolute bliss with your significant other.

Sutherland Falls (New Zealand)4244455234_8a77f2b338_b

Sutherland Falls is located in the heart of New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park and is a paradise for couples that hike. Plan to stay at least a week and book a room at one of the lodges because along the way, you can take detours and side paths, cross a swinging bridge, climb up the side of a mountain and breath in the unbridled glory of this natural wonder.  And that’s all in addition to admiring the stunningly isolated waterfall with its pristine surroundings- wild and beautiful, just as nature intended it.

Plitvice Waterfalls, (Croatia)1449520442_94add7c116_o

Located in Plitvice Lakes National Park, the waterfalls at Plitvice are made to be adored.  There are steps and pathways that wind all through the falls so that each glimpse is more precious than the one before.  If you are looking for a romantic backdrop to pop the question, Plitvice has you covered.  There are alcoves perfect for a romantic picnic and more photo ops than you can imagine.

Erawan Waterfalls, (Thailand)12364230163_fb2e2b04be_k

Erawan National Park is a beautiful retreat and you can rent camping equipment if you plan to stay a while.  If you or your loved one is squeamish about sleeping outdoors, there are bungalows for rent if you plan ahead.  The falls are gentle, unlike the paths to get to them, but oh, it’s so worth it.  The area is steeped in tradition and mythology; the park and the falls are named for a Hindi legend because the uppermost fall is said to resemble Erawan the three headed elephant who was the king of all elephants and the bringer or maker of clouds.  Hindi tradition strongly connects elephants with water. While at Erawan Falls, don’t miss out on bathing with one of these majestic creatures.

Cumberland Falls (KY, USA)Cumberland-Falls-64

Can you think of anything more romantic than snuggling with your lover and watching a moonbow?  There are only a few places on earth where you can see such a thing regularly and Cumberland falls is one of them (Victoria Falls is the other).  While Cumberland Falls is a popular tourist destination, it’s still very rural and close to nature.  There are lodges and cabin rentals, plenty of trails to walk, hand in hand and an abundance of secluded areas where you can steal a kiss under the stars.


Giessbach Falls (Switzerland)923066564_4ea9136082_o

Getting to Giessbach is half the fun as you will ride on Europe’s oldest funicular (cool electric train thingie) You probably won’t be swimming in Giessbach falls and they don’t sport moonbow.  Still, Giessbach Falls knows as a favorite romantic getaway destination.  The Historic Grand Giessbach hotel is situated so that the absolute best viewing of the falls is from its balcony.  There are some wonderful walking trails and a trip by tour boat in the lake below is worth the time.