6 of the Cutest Houses on Earth


Across every country and continent in the world there are countless unique houses.

Some of them stand out for their size, others their location, some their beauty and some their grandeur, among other reasons.

One thing many houses don’t stand out for however is their cuteness  which is why we’re proud to bring you this list of six of the cutest houses on Earth.

They’re all cute for very different reasons – some for their architecture, some their size, and others the inspiration behind them –

but one thing’s for sure, they’re all as cute as can be…

1. Flintstones Inspired Home, California, United States1-flinstones

Inspired by the 1960s cartoon hit the Flintstones, this incredibly cute and somewhat quirky California home was commissioned by Dick Clarke and is said to have set him back $3.5 million. Everything within the house has a Flintstones cross modernist look, making for a truly unique sight. Passers by always have to stop and take a second look, not quite sure if what they’re seeing is real or not!

2. Giant Seashell House, Mexico2-shell

Situated in Mexico, this giant seashell house is as cute as it is quirky and not to mention utterly beautiful. It features spectacular curving walls, pebbledash decoration, and one of the most breathtaking stained-glass windows on Earth. The owners, a young couple from Mexico City with two-young children, were inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright to have their dream home commissioned.

3. Tree-houses, England3

Located in the Nine Ladies site in Stanton Lees, Derbyshire, these incredible tree-houses were built and inhabited for four years by protestors who were trying prevent the land from being quarried for gritstone. After their years of hard work they finally won their battle and today these cute and quirky houses stand high in the trees, proving an majestic sight for passers by and standing as a reminder of how beautiful our world can be.

4. Crooked House, Poland4-crooked

Admittedly the Crooked House in Poland isn’t actually a house (even if it does look like a one!). It’s actually a part of a shopping complex. The design for this building was inspired by the art work of Polish artists Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. The work has a very distinct whimsical and Dali-esque feel to it which was translated into this wondrous work of architecture. The entire building is covered with very surreal angles and a marvellous blue-green glass.

5. Tower House, England5-tiny-castle

This beautiful 18th century property sits on the banks of the Thames and Severn Canal, England. Originally it was a worker’s cottage and horses were stabled on the ground floor while the families lived in the rather compact upper floors. The building is Grade II listed and features oak-beamed ceilings, a Georgian range and Gothic-style, stained-glass windows. Combined, these incredible features make for a beautiful home which sits scenically upon the river bank.

6. The Smallest House, Wales6-tiny-house

The Smallest House in the UK can be found in the quayside town of Conwy, Wales. This cute and quirky house covers only 5.49 meters squared in total. From the 16th centre right up until the 1900s the house was inhabited with the final being a local fisherman named Robert Jones who stood at six foot three inches tall. Due to Jones’ height and the house’s small size, the local house were forced to deem the residence unsuitable for habitation and as a result Jones had to be relocated. While the house is no longer inhabited, it is still a popular tourist attraction which is still owned by Robert Jones’ descendants.